The Times They Are A-Changing

Thought we could take a break from health blogs and all their seriousness to talk a little fashion! I was sitting in an office the other day, I was a few minutes early for a meeting, and I noticed the magazines on the table. I started to think how different life is today than the life I grew up in and when I was modeling (I kind of grew up as a model). What struck me and started me thinking about all this was a 'Parents' Magazine' cover.

All my covers - or pretty much most of them, except 'Sports Illustrated' - were headshots. Even on my 'Self' cover, I was covered head to foot in a sweater and jeans! Could you imagine that going over on a 'Self' cover today? The other day I saw a 'Self' cover and the girl was wearing an itsy-bitsy little red bikini!

Also, I was a model - now only celebrities are on the covers. I don't know how models get famous - maybe on social media?

I remember when I was shooting for catalogs like JCPenney's, Macy's, Gimbals, etc. Housewives would write in if I even TOUCHED the other model who was in the photograph with me. There were questions like, "Are these two girls gay?", "Why are these girls touching?", "These pictures are too sexually explicit." And by the way, we were in bathrobes or tracksuits! I mean, I remember the first time my stylist told me that we could not touch in the pictures - I just had my hand on Julie Wolfe's shoulder. She said, "A hand on the shoulder will prompt too many letters."

My brain was spinning! "Letters about what?" Finally, she told me - letters about improper actions toward each other in the photos. I could not believe that people had time to do that. Even my famous 'Sports Illustrated' picture where I was in a snakeskin suit in Florida, in the weeds, with a piece of grass in my mouth - by the way, grass that I had found already laying there, I hadn't picked it - people wrote in the most horrible things. First, it was that I was killing the grass. But if you notice, I was laying on the sand between the grasses.

Then they wrote that I had killed the grass because it was in my mouth. But I already explained that. But the worst one was many people said that my armpit had been colored to look like a woman's pubic area. I mean seriously? If I had read any more of those letters I wouldn't have been able to work at all. Nobody would even think to do that today!

Videos, covers, TV shows, and pictorials are so sexually explicit - more explicit than Playboy. And it's funny because Playboy is not doing sexual pictures anymore. I feel like it's because they can't compete. You can look at the sexually explicit music videos, reality shows, daytime talk shows, photo layouts, and movies. The Playboy genre really no longer exists. It's a new life: you have teenage girls posting photos of themselves on the internet and in chat rooms - pictures more sexually explicit than Playboy at its height!!

Anyway, all this is leading up to mespying that 'Parents' Magazine' cover on the table! You see, my 'Parents'' cover was just me holding a baby. Now it's scantily clad a 20-something running around with a little girl who is also wearing makeup. And don't get me wrong, I love the female form almost as much as I love the male form, I'm just thinking: man, the times they are a-changing!

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