What You Can't Smell Can Hurt You

You know the old saying,
"What you don't know won't hurt you."
Well I never believed that was true.And I certainly don't believe what you can't smell can't hurt you. I'm not talking about an odorless gas like carbon monoxide. We all know that can hurt you. But what about the things that you can't smell that can hurt you but that you don't know are bad for you? Or how about things you can smell but get used to so you up the amount so that you can smell it?
What am I talking about? How about perfumes, how about deodorizing cleaners? How about air fresheners?
I'm sure you're wondering how can fragrances hurt you? But at the same time we get used to certain smells as well. I know when I spray my favorite perfume in the morning, parentheses yes, it's a healthy perfume. And parentheses yes I use essential oils because they're healthy. You spray your perfume in the morning and you get used to it. So each day's pay more and more. And you stop smelling it but it's still there. And it still damaging your longs to smell that perfume day in and day out.
How do I know this?
My doctor told me that the number one fastest growing cancer among young people 24 and up is lung cancer. And he wasn't talking about smokers.
He is talking about 24-year-old people who are non-smokers are the fastest rising segment of the population that is getting lung cancer. What is this coming from? My belief is that we put perfumes and fragrances in so many things that we don't even realize how fragrant our world is.

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