I'm Calling the Chicken Industry "Chicken!"

I wish I could believe a company like Purdue. What I'm specifically talking about is the commercial I just saw where Frank Purdue stands with a guy in a lab coat spewing the benefits of thyme or oregano in terms of antibiotics for their chickens. I can't tell you the number of documentaries that I've seen where their chickens are overweight, can't walk, and are kicked into bins where they then are slaughtered for our tables.

The thought that my chicken went through all of that before making it to my table makes it hard for me to eat.

In the commercial, they're showing beautiful, healthy, plump chickens running around in the sunlight eating herbs. Almost makes one believe that's how chickens actually live! Geez! I've heard of marketing, but I want to know if truth and appetizing is following up this commercial and checking on pretty chickens. And why is Tyson so silent? Where is their comparable commercial showing how fabulous their chickens are?

You know it's really hard to know what to believe anymore. My humane side wants to believe Frank Purdue. Great - no more antibiotics! Yay!! What about hormones? What about living conditions? I don't understand why Tyson and Purdue think that chickens grow better in the dark? I'm still puzzled as to what purpose THAT serves.

However, I do understand getting chicken farmers in debt to the mother company; it ensures their cooperation, enslavement, and servitude. (Almost as bad as Monsanto with their genetically modified crops!)

But those poor chickens! Frank Purdue, I really want to believe you. But I just don't know...

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(Source: Rachel's Table)

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