The Chips of the Future

I don't know if there are more terrible things happening these days or if we are just more aware of the terrible things happening because we have media everywhere...but recently I was watching a 2020 show on kidnapping and sex slaves. How many years I went around as a young model and never thought about kidnapping.

I mean it's not that I never thought about it - I remember my first trip to Rome for the Italian Bizarre collections. My mother said if anybody sticks you with a needle, to make sure you get to a public place with lots of people and scream for help immediately before anything starts to happen. Don't depend on the store owner because he may be in on it.

But that was the extent of my education in protecting myself as a young woman traveling.

My agency sent me to the craziest places. I went to studios at night and rode in the cargo elevators alone. I remember not being able to watch the movie Dressed to Kill' because the woman was killed in a cargo elevator late at night in a loft-type building. That hit so close to home to me because I was constantly leaving photo shoots by myself late at night in loft-type buildings in the cargo elevators.

I don't think that we can prepare our children enough to stay away from predators. Every time you think you've got their skin down, there's another scam. Candy, puppies, rides home from people disguised as friends but who are really predators - how do children stand a chance? It's a new world out there.

I'm glad I'm not a child today. My sisters and I used to walk as three little blonde girls - yes, I was blonde when I was younger - to first grade at Saint Fidelis in College Point. Never giving a thought to being kidnapped. But today, people are going so far as to consider having locator chips put into their children.

I would definitely put a chip in my child. I even put a chip in my cat because I had a cat who disappeared; it hurts so badly that I can't even begin to imagine the depth of what these people feel when they lose a child and they don't know where they are. Heck, I think I would even put a chip in myself: I still travel quite a lot, and that would be the only defense in this big wide world that would help someone to find me. I live alone, I travel between countries, and sometimes it's a spur of the moment trip, and my mom doesn't even know where I am.

Anybody else have any thoughts on chips in our bodies?

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