Eat Dirt and LIVE!

It's not true that you can't heal from cancer - I don't believe that the only road to healing is chemo...

That said:"We have a disease management crisis in America - not a health care crisis. Healing doesn't involve permission." -RoBert Scott Bell

Germs are not the cause of disease. They are the result of dis-ease. You know, these things have nothing to do with the blog I'm about to write...but at the same time, they kind of do have something to do with the blog I'm about to write. Especially the last one - germs are the result of disease.

These quotes are an important food for thought - as important as bacteria is for your gut! If you have a strong immune system, you shouldn't need bacterial washes in order to protect your health, and too much antibacterial is actually NOT healthy either. And I don't just mean because of the chemical load you're constantly battering your body with!

In these blogs that I've been writing, I'm trying to teach you how to build your immune system. It's not easy work - but it's pleasant and very rewarding. How do I know this? Because I had to dig myself out of the hole. I'm just like you. I was where you are. And I was able to do it. And I'm no one special.

You know anytime you drink a cup of coffee, drink alcohol, or take an aspirin or any prescribed over the counter medication - including antibiotics - you're killing both good and bad bacteria. Even if the intent of medication is not to kill bacteria at all, it just naturally does this because the good, helpful bacteria is more sensitive to changes in its environment than the bad or harmful bacteria.

Yeah I know, nature isn't fair!

So if you think of the daily things that you do to your body to kill off the bacteria, (the above-mentioned coffee alcohol, aspirin, etc.) then think of the daily things that you do to put bacteria back into your body.

I'll give you a second to think about that...

I would almost bet house that 95% of the time you're going to find out that you have a very unbalanced scale.So why is it important that you tip the scales back in the favor of putting in good bacteria?

Probiotics and prebiotics are probably one of the most important things in your arsenal against disease. When your food goes from your stomach into your small intestine and then into your large intestine, different kinds of bacteria take over to break down and assimilate nutrients from the food/digestive waste into your system. Without the ability to do this, you can't get any nutrition out of your food.

Your probiotic bacteria is just that important. If you're not "nutritioning" your body, the body breaks down and becomes deceased. So simple but so hard. We forget to help our bodies. We forget our daily probiotics.Or yeah - you eat a factory produced one in a factory produced yogurt. You know in your gut, it's not enough.So don't worry about overdosing on probiotics - I take 4 different sources of probiotics a day. So think about that the next time you have your coffee - you need to replace your probiotics.A prebiotic is basically what probiotics feed on. You should be eating raw, healthy, unprocessed food anyway, so don't stress about trying to find pre-biotics. Just stress about finding great foods. These mostly consist of greens and sprouted grains.

Some of the great ways to get probiotics are:

  • Well, you could take a probiotic in pill form that you can find at any health food store or Whole Foods.
  • Udo's Choice has great lozenges that taste good as well; these all need to be refrigerated because you start losing potency of the bacterias if they're not kept cold.
  • I also love KeVita - a non-dairy raw probiotic drink.
  • I also make a raw apple juice and add in Inner-eco (also found at whole foods in the refrigerated section in the supplement aisle). I let that ferment on my counter for a day or two until it has the flavor and potency that I like and then I put it in the refrigerator. This becomes a very heavy probiotic drink -it also becomes somewhat alcoholic-ish (if that's a word- if not it's a new word) and to that, I add dirt.

You heard me right - dirt. Not just any dirt, edible diatomaceous earth. You can easily buy that online. It has no flavor, so don't worry about the fact that you're eating dirt: it's cultivated dirt.Notice I didn't mention yogurt? If milk has the possibility to contain 21 different hormones, medications or antibiotics in it, I'm assuming milk products do too! Oy!

I know all this alternative stuff might seem weird - I mean after all you're eating dirt. But just think of all the conversations you have in your social group - you'll be the nut that's eating dirt! I know I'm the nut that's eating it in my group. Join the fun.

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