Detox or Suffer the Pox

"You can't absorb things through a cesspool." - Robert Scott Bell.

When I decided to try detoxing, I was told that I was going to feel like I had the flu; I was told I would feel rundown and achy and a bit feverish, but that it would pass in a couple of days. Nothing could have been further from the truth! In fact, for me it was the reverse - detoxing was a step up.I felt grrrreat! Who knew I was feeling so bad - until I started detoxing and feeling so good!I think there are a lot of us in that same boat. That's why I decided that I needed to add detoxing to the healthy, anti-aging list!

There are so many detoxing regimes on the market. It's important to find the right one for you - the one that helps you achieve your health goals! So work with your doctor and pick the ones you need. Because I find people can sometimes choose the wrong detoxing regime when left to their own devices. Once you pick the right regime, research how to do it properly!

Generally, I find that when people start a detox they usually do two things wrong at the outset:

  1. They approach cleanses as a weight loss tool - not understanding the powerful health benefits they can have if they are done correctly.
  2. Nobody teaches you how to prepare your body to detox or fast.

In order to make fasting work for me, where I had lasting results, my doctor made me eat healthy food for three months and I took a green powder in the morning or a green bar for breakfast. He made me build my body up so that it was prepared to do a fast.Many people do really harsh and stressful things to the body: it's hard one day to the next to just decide to do a cleanse. Most of the time it's very difficult to sustain a cleanse or fast if you are not properly nutritioned; it's stressful - and stress, as we have learned, is a big no-no as it leads to inflammatory diseases of which cancer is just one.

The other problem with not preparing the body is that if you do a cleanse simply for the weight loss, once you finish the cleanse it can be really difficult to sustain the weight-loss because your body is going to be calling for nutrition and it's going to make you eat "just that little cookie" or this "harmless bite of cake..." So nourish yourself well before starting. Some people do high colonics to cleanse - but again a helpful health tool in an unpracticed hand used for the wrong reason can be dangerous to the body. With colonics, people are never told to take a GENTLE laxative to help open the colon and prepare it for the process (I used Swiss Chriss). That's what my doctor told me to do - prepare myself!

This is as important as understanding that if you have diabetes you should not do high colonics without a doctor's script. If you have diabetes, chances are that your valves in your intestines are weak and "trash" from your intestines could be pushed back up into your stomach. This actually happened to a close friend of mine and he ended up in a hospital! By the way - you should be cleaning your "sewer" more often than a once-in-a-lifetime high colonic.

If you want to fast, perhaps you should probably read about, not just the different kinds of fasts, but the different ways in which to do them in "The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-day, and Extended Fasting," by Jason Fung M.D. with Jimmy Moore.

What do I do to keep healthy? I do a liver cleanse daily (via coffee enemas) and I do one of 3 deeper cleanses every 25 days. Easy enough. So every month I'm 25 days on my supplements then I cycle off my supplements and I do a cleanse. These cleanses are specifically chosen for their health benefits - to prevent or to help me try to cure disease. Some people like to do the master cleanse. Some people just drink apple juice; there is also a watermelon cleanse. I've tried them all at one point or another in my life. I found them not just useless for my health purposes, but highly unsustainable. In other words, I couldn't sustain the results.

I think that to sustain a cleanse program in order to get results, you need to think intelligently: know where your health problems lie; not do this for weight loss; prepare your body. What you may want to think about is not just what a cleanse does, but how it does it so that you can support the body in the process.So when you decide to do a cleanse, whatever cleanse, I would like to offer you a couple of things to keep in mind:

One: Nutrition yourself. Eat really good, nutritious foods and mix in as much raw food as possible.

Two: Greenpowder's. Green powders are very, very nutritious.

Three: Pick the right cleanse for the right goals.

Always work with your doctor - hopefully you have an awesome alternative doctor - so you have someone who knows these protocols, knows you, and who you can ask personal questions too!

Which cleanses?

I have hand-picked all of the following cleanses for their particular health benefits: pH cleanse, a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a liver-gallbladder flush, and a heavy metal detox. As I said, I do it to try and help my body purge itself of disease, so I have picked each cleanse or fast for a reason.

So what are these cleanses/detoxes?

Heavy Metal Detox

Many people like Chelation therapy because they want to remove (detox) mercury and other heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals make one much more susceptible to infection. Yet, some people say that chelation is not always the right choice for this. I preferred a different heavy metal detox. I opted to get a heavy metal nano-detox from Dr. Robert Marshall in Rolling Rock, Texas.

I take it daily in my tea. That way I don't have to worry about any unintended effects of chelation therapy; I've had some doctors say that chelation is a great therapy and some who worry about side effects. I do think you need to detox from heavy metals, but my daily heavy metal detox is made of herbs like cilantro - you can find it at:

Liver and Gallbladder Flush

It's very hard if your only sewer system is clogged. Your liver is your only sewer system in the body. You must keep it clean. "Stones" can gather in these organs and can cause issues. Sometimes these issues go on unnoticed - like the fact that no toxins get out of the body because the sewer system is blocked. So instead, they get pushed back into the bloodstream and travel around the body; maybe causing you minor problems like headaches or fatigue, or sometimes these problems become bigger problems and grow to the point where you need to remove your gallbladder.

I believe in a three-time yearly liver/gallbladder flush. I'm believing and hoping it will be a disaster preventative - because it can keep the sewage moving!

Colon Cleanse

Colon cleanse is cheap and easy- you just have to suffer through feeling fat! The cleanse consists of just psyllium (Whole Foods sells it) and cold-pressed apple juice - not pasteurized apple juice. Every day for five days, between meals (3X a day) you take a tablespoon of psyllium mixed with apple juice and drink it quickly. Psyllium is like a sponge so if you don't drink it quickly it will become too thick to drink.

Why might you like to do a colon cleanse?

Your colon has lots of little crevices and hidden dark spots. Many times feces and other toxic waste can get stuck in those crevices unable to be removed by natural means. The psycilium that you use in a colon cleanse goes into your colon, absorbs more water, grows like a sponge, bloats your colon and basically gets into the crevices and clean sweep's everything out of there - that would be a clean sweeping out of debris, chemicals, bacteria, and anything else that has not been able to be expunged through normal colon contraction. This cleanse helps your colon to be free of debris and able to absorb nutrients! I do this in conjunction with a daily coffee enema - which I discuss below.

pH Cleanse

This is my most difficult cleanse to do! I love to eat! So to give up eating for two days is very difficult for me - but very satisfying when I actually succeed in doing so! 12 oranges, 6 grapefruits and 3 lemons are needed. You juice the fruits into a gallon jug and fill the rest of the jug with just water. So you will have the oranges, grapefruits, lemons and water all making 1 gallon of juice. You drink one 8oz glass of this mixture every hour all day long- eating an orange if needed for dinner. Repeating the same protocol the next day. And that's it!

A pH cleanse is meant to help balance a very acidic environment. Anybody who has inflammatory disease most usually has an acidic environment. PH cleanses can help balance that. And yes, citric acid is acidic outside the body especially on tooth enamel; however, it has an alkaline reaction in the body. Making citric acid extremely helpful in balancing pH!

(However, if you are doing chemo, the above grapefruit in the pH cleanse can be at cross purposes with your chemo. This is why I've told you to always work with the doctor. Also, drinking this fruit juice - which has sugar in it - every hour, should keep your blood glucose level from spiking. But if you have diabetes, don't do this!)

Parasite Cleanse

There are many parasite cleansing kits on the market. I did two different kinds of parasite cleanses: one was a four week cleanse of the "average" parasites. The reason I say "average parasites" - is because these are parasites we pick up every day and because these parasites are bad enough, but I don't think they are as bad as the fungus I did the second cleanse for!

The second cleanse I did for the devious Candidias Albicans, also known as Candide, or yeast.This little bugger can really mess up your system: depression, suicide, bleeding gums, leaky gut syndrome, thrush in the mouth, itchy red dots on the skin, and suicide are just some of the symptoms that may be attributable to this little fungus.It's really hard to be healthy when you have parasites draining your system of all its nutrients or in the case of Candide making a glio-toxin that weakens your immune system. So, get rid of them!By the way: parasites can also cause inflammation and leaky gut!

I think that Silver Hydrosol (different then Colloidal silver) is an awesome remedy for this. Talk about easy! You can orally take it, put it in a colonic or if your issues are urinary, you can catheterize it-depending on where you need it. That was the cleanse I did with my animals that I referenced above-I gave them small doses daily-it tasted like water so they really didn't mind!

And finally - Silver causes damage to cancer cells! Whoo Hoooo.Thanks again to Robert Scott Bell at for the above information. You could also read The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker


As I said, I did all these on top of a daily liver cleaning because I believed each one of these different cleanses or detoxes targets a specific problem.Cleansing the liver is such an important cleanse that I do mini cleanses every day with coffee enemas. Why? Remember the sewer system - if it's clogged, you cannot possibly detox? So besides the three times yearly liver and gallbladder flush - I do a daily stimulation of the liver with a coffee enema.

So at this point, I would like to speak AGAIN about the coffee enema - I've blogged several times and had Dr. Linda Isaacs on my show on Fox News, A Healthy You, to speak about its importance!But it's worth repeating:Coffee enemas were a big part of Dr. Gonzalez' cancer protocol as well as the Gerson approach, and he has helped saved the life of countless numbers of patients. (His new book highlighting actual patient case studies has just been released. The link is below.) The biggest benefit that you get from a coffee enema is that it stimulates the liver to release old bile. The benefit of dumping dirty bile is that it's full of bacteria that will otherwise re-circulate in the body. By cleansing the toxic load, it frees the body to be able to heal itself.

Another benefit that has been talked about is the possible anti-cancer effect coffee enemas have because they detoxify the product of metabolic tumors. In other words, as tumors breakdown they release toxins. Those toxins have to be removed from the body. Coffee enemas are said to help remove this metabolic "junk."

How do they do it? They do it by stimulating the venal artery that leads to the liver. So it has a direct affect on the liver. Causing the liver to release bile-and then the liquid in the intestines washes it out. This actually forces the body to make fresh, new, clean bile. Usually, I think it's a good thing when the body is economic. But in the case of bile, the body being economic and reusing the old bile by reabsorbing it, bacteria and all, might not be a such a good thing.

So I want to err on the side of caution and wash all old, residue and bacteria-carrying bile out of the body; thereby forcing the body to make new, clean bile.

I also must tell you that coffee enemas are addictive!

You feel so good and energetic after doing one - that feeling is addictive.Why am I telling you that? Because I need to disclose that I have read that there are at least two deaths attributed to coffee enemas; I have read that a couple of women did more than the recommended number of enemas per day; and, of course, the recommended number of enemas is that what your doctor recommends. In one case I read, a women did 4 enemas a day! Some people are told to do one and some people are told to do two. But certainly, I can't imagine anybody being recommended to do more than two per day.

The reason that a coffee enema may led to death is because if you do too many, it can result in severe electrolyte imbalance, hyponatremia (low sodium blood levels), dehydration, pleural and pericardial effusions. But I can understand that overdoing anything, putting too much of anything into the anal cavity (even plain water or prescribed enemas like barium), even though useful when necessary, can cause issues.

But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater!I personally know many of Dr. Gonzalez's patients who have responsibility done their coffee enemas daily and in the proper way. They have not had any issues.So what is the correct way?

You certainly have to make sure the coffee isn't too hot. You can also have issues if you use the wrong instruments. A French tube is the best tube to use, attached to a reusable enema bag because it is soft and pliable and shouldn't perforate the intestines. It's best to use filtered water and organic caffeinated coffee. Talk with your doctor and follow instructions.

A coffee enema like any health tool is only useful if done properly. Not knowing how to do it, or misusing it, or overusing it can certainly cause issues. Anyway, the strange thing with a cleanse or detox is that you don't always lose a lot of weight on it. I know people do the master cleanse hoping to lose a lot of weight and I guess if you take those drinks for several days, you can lose some weight. But usually, you end up putting it right back on! Bummer, right?That's a lot of suffering to just turn around and lose your hard won gains (or losses in this case!)

It is worth reminding you here that a cleanse is not about losing weight. It's about cleaning toxins out of the body.

And as you will see in the HCL PUSH a toxic body was not able to get any benefit. So sometimes you actually need to cleanse your body before you do an alternative protocol in order to get any benefit. Anyway, detoxing is important and talking with your ALTERNATIVE doctor to discuss what is ailing you and which cleanses are best for you! These are serious tools and you can get some great health results that can make you feel better!

So just a quick recap:

  • A colon cleanse helps to clear out the colon. It is a sweep that gets into the deep crevices and cleans out anything stuck there.
  • Cleaning out the debris helps clear the way for absorption of vitamins and minerals - minerals especially are important for alkalizing the body.
  • The pH cleanse is only two days. But it helps my body to become more alkaline - very important for anybody with any kind of inflammatory disease like cancer, acid reflux and arthritis, to name a few!
  • The liver-gallbladder flush, which actually helps break down liver and gallstones and pushes them out of the body clearing the way for toxins to be eliminated.
  • Parasite cleanse: I've done 2 different parasite cleanses every couple years or so.
    • First is for parasites, and I actually even do them on my animals because animals can really pick up some gunk off the roads; the second for the fungus Candidias Albicans (yeast)

By the way, I know this blog is about detoxes and cleanses and I would be really remiss if I didn't tell you that you need to be taking probiotics whenever you finish a cleanse. Because you don't just kill bad biotics and bacteria, you kill probiotics and that is not a good thing. So you need to replace them. I use four different probiotics a day. Some are pleasant like the KeVita, or Udos choice Lozenges; some are more difficult and time-consuming. But whatever method you choose, it's important you use probiotics.

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