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So a few months back I went on NY1 and did their live Facebook show called 1 More Thing. Jamie Stelter, the regular host, had just had her baby and they were asking some famous New Yorkers to fill in for her. I had a blast doing it. And I enjoy Pat's company immensely, but Pat had seen my shoes before we went on air and - the awesomely sweet guy that he is - he asked me about them live.

He was so sneaky about doing it - LOL - that I didn't even know what he was talking about at first when he started to speak about "how things work." In fact, his exact words were, "I love knowing how things work." When there's a how things work' in the papers segment on Spectrum TV, he loves to talk about it. And therefore, he wanted to talk about how my shoes worked.

How my shoes worked? I didn't really understand what he was talking about, and then I realized he was talking about my Cat Perkins Shoes. So, I picked up my shoe and I ripped off the top, and I added a different top. Took all of about 20 seconds. I thought Pat was just about going to fall off the couch. In fact, I nearly fell off my chair the first time I saw the shoe work.

I even remember exactly where I was when I first saw the shoe: I was attending The Truth About Cancer Conference' in Texas thanks to the lovely invite from Charlene Bollinger and family. My girlfriend - the wife of the late Dr. Gonzalez - had so many different pairs of shoes with her that she was literally changing shoes all day long. White to black to crocodile to suede. Yep, she was changing shoes all day long, but I saw her arrive with just one small bag! This raised my interest, naturally, as I fly all the time and I never have the right shoes with me - and I never have enough shoes with me.

So I asked her how she was doing it - how did she have so many shoes with her? I thought perhaps she shipped a box of shoes down before she came or she was borrowing it from a girlfriend who lived there. I pressed her to answer how she had so many shoes, and she sat down, ripped the top off her shoe, reached into her bag, and changed the color of her shoe. Not just the color - she changed the whole style! I immediately knew I had to have something to do with this company. It was one of those moments where you look at something and you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" So, I cold-called Cat Perkins. They are

Deb was the partner that answered the phone and she literally could not believe I was on the phone. I don't think she even knew that I knew about the shoe. It is kind of fun to hear someone say, "No way, is this the real Carol Alt?" I mean it was nice to have a warm reception - because I had never cold-called the company before, so I didn't know what the reception would be. Well, they invited me up to their workspace and I went up to meet them; they hadn't even launched their website yet.

No, I say they haven't launched yet - but it didn't mean I hadn't sold out every shoe they had! (You heard me right....)

They were working on their second round of shoes, with some new styles, because at this point they only had wedged style shoes. So now, they are working on flats, red-carpet heels, and boots. This amazing idea can work even with men's shoes.

OK so I've talked about finding the shoe, but what actually is the idea? Imagine being able to buy one bottom and changing the tops of your shoes. So you could have red, white, green, blue, crocodile, or suede all carried within 5 inches of your suitcase or in your purse to change from a day look to a night look! The way the tops attach is through a rivet and a channel. The channel is in the base of the shoe and is magnetized; the rivet goes into the channel and it's on the top of the shoe - it is so easy to do! (No, it wasn't easy to create. It actually took three years of engineering. But the result is that it's just so easy to change the tops of the shoes.)

If you don't get the visual of what I'm saying here, you can go onCatPerkins.comand see for yourself, or you can watch Pat Kieran and I on 1 More Thing for Spectrum News NY1. Is this not an awesome idea? Have you seen any ideas where you thought: "Why didn't I think of that?"

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