Eating Raw


Los Angeles Is Nothing If It Isn’t The Raw Capital For Cuisine

If you are visiting the Los Angeles area and wondering where the best places to dine are, you are probably overwhelmed by the various choices. Although one of the most ...

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Carol Alt Raw Food

Who’s Hungry? Check out Carol’s Recipe from Easy Sexy Raw

This vegan take on tacos, packed with vegetables, comes courtesy of raw chef Marilyn Chiarello of a Taste of Light.

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Carol Alt What's in my Fridge

What’s in my Fridge? And why it should be in yours!

I’ll admit-  my fridge is not the prettiest place in the world.   I always make sure to have some Baking Soda inside so I can even open it in ...

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Carol on Yahoo: What you don’t know about the raw food diet

Carol Alt, one of the most famous supermodels in the world, says eating raw food is what has kept her slimmer, healthier and more energized for two decades. Carol stopped ...

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