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So we tell you about the One Minute Workout, Cardio, Yoga, Broga, and several other kinds of "titled " workouts. But what about just fitting workouts into your day all day long? What I mean is, instead of taking the elevator to your second story apartment, why not walk up? While standing at the kitchen stove waiting for the water to boil, why not do some barre? (Leg lifts, squats, lunges.)

While you're on the phone you might do some arm workouts with weights. I mean light hand-weights, of course! (If you don't have any weights, water bottles will do.) I actually ride the bike while I write my blogs for you. It certainly makes the time go faster. If I don't write, it's the most excruciating 15-20 minutes of my day. (Yes, that is a confession. I hate working out, but I do it! We need to.)

Leave an extra 15 minutes so you can fast-walk to appointments (you might want to also carry a pair of sneakers and switch back into shoes when you arrive); if you have animals, make an effort to throw balls and toys and dolls. My cats don't chase them down and bring them back, so that forces me to run and go get them. So I run with my cats as well. It also makes me laugh: killing two birds with one stone - fulfilling my exercise and my laughter requirements both!

You know, exercise does not have to be formal. You don't have to get your special outfit on and carry a water bottle around - exercise just has to get done. And if you're doing it all day long at one-minute intervals, then you are fulfilling all the basic requirements. You're getting your heart rate up, stressing your muscles, and getting the blood flowing: you're breathing. You're also getting your work done whether its housework or office work.

So come on, I know being a couch potato is more fun - but when your body looks great in your clothes, it's always worth the exercise!

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