Nonexistent Benefits of Coffee

I have written blogs before on the nonexistent benefits of coffee. It seems every day on television they are saying that coffee has many benefits - and in fact I think it was Channel 2 News that said 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day (small cups) is good for you.

I beg to differ on this point. Let's say, for argument sake, that antioxidants are in coffee. There are antioxidants in fruit and antioxidants in vegetables - there are antioxidants in practically every raw food. But unlike fruits or vegetables, coffee is very acidic. Raw vegetables and fruits are alkaline to the body.

Sang Whang, the author of Reverse Aging,' said that it takes 35 cups of alkaline water to neutralize one cup of coffee or Coke (!!!!!!!). And in this day and age where we are trying to balance our bodies, why would we want anything that swings it to acid even if it is proven to have "some" antioxidant benefit?

Also, you cannot control how many chemicals or DDT were used in growing the coffee, as most coffee is made outside of the country (Hawaii being the only place in America where coffee is grown.) Also if it's made outside of the country it is radiated before being brought into this country. Even if it's organic coffee, and we discount the acidic pH affect, I can't deny that coffee kicks the adrenal glands. I mean isn't that why we drink it? Because it hypes us up?

The problem I find with kicking my adrenal glands is that these glands kick out the hormones adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine - the stress hormones. So being in a constant state of stress is not good for the nervous system. In addition, after a while of being falsely stimulated, the adrenals have a hard time trying to work on their own.

I don't really like being dependent on anything. But there are things I am dependent on: my enzymes, my supplements, food, water, air, and the love and acceptance of my family. I don't want to have to add "being dependent on coffee to get me going" to that list because my adrenals aren't working on their own anymore.

Finally, I've been told by my doctors that coffee kills probiotics. And in this day and age with the education we have on probiotics, why would we intentionally take things to kill them off? Probiotics are much more sensitive than their nemesis, bacteria - coffee, drugs (even aspirin), and alcohol kill them off very easily. There are so many other vices that kill probiotics, I'm trying to have one less by cutting down on coffee - oh, and upping my probiotic intake.

Anyway, these are musings of a person who has given up coffee - most of the time! Every now and then, I do confess, I indulge in a cup. But that's once every few months. And that's moderate for me. That brings to question the next topic: what's moderation? To you it might be one cup a day, to me "moderate" is one cup every few months. But I guess that's the topic of a blog for another day!

We all have to decide what our "poison" is. I just want people to make that decision based on education and not on false info. So do some research for yourself on coffee - I'm just bringing up the questions!

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