Air Purifiers

Today I specifically wanted to talk to you about this amazing portable air purifier. Every time I get into a car with a driver to go to an event, or get into a taxi, or even a friend's car, I comment to the driver that he needs to get a portable air purifier. And the reason I am so in tune with the fact that they need this air purifier is simply that I smell the difference when I get into the car!

I can't believe how bad it smells in any other regular car as compared to my car which has a purifier. The difference is like night and day. I can't tell you clearly enough how great it is to have fresh air when you're traveling, no matter where you're traveling to. (China? Ugh! Bangcock? The worst! NYC? Yup - bad!)

I can take my portable purifier into a hotel room, into a conference room, and move it around my house from room to room if I need to.

And I always, always, always have one in my car. "Just go through a tunnel and breathe in that disgusting smelly air for 10 minutes while you're traveling." No thank you! I think you'll agree a little something-something is definitely needed. And this is not like a major change you need to make.

This is something so easy and quick it seems silly to mention it, but it bears mentioning at the same time because the air is only getting dirtier.

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