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The Body-Friendly Sonogram

By Carol Alt / Post / March 14, 2016

I’ve always found the use of medical imaging technology absolutely fascinating. CAT scans, MRI machines, Doppler ultrasounds, sonograms… And we’ve all heard of Doppler radar! I mean, we’ve all watched the weather forecast on the news, right? Maybe you’ve heard of sonograms, being used mainly to see a baby in the mother’s womb. However you think of medical imaging, there’s definitely a benefit to being able to diagnose illnesses without biopsy, without cutting into the body, or causing other damage.

It’s certainly a great leap forward for humankind. Dr. Robert Bard, of the Bard Cancer Center, NYC has been my link to all things radiology and imaging for many years. He’s told me what can happen, for example, just in the case of a missed parathyroid disease diagnosis. I always wonder how a disease with so many symptoms CAN be missed, but it turns out it often is mis- or under-diagnosed.

It first helps to understand the relationship between the thyroid and parathyroid. The thyroid looks like a big, meaty monarch butterfly tucked away in your neck. It wraps its wings partway around the cartilage in the cervical spine/neck area. The parathyroids, then, are the circles on the butterfly’s wings. Four little glands that can easily be missed, and apparently so can the symptoms of something going wrong with them!

The following CAN be symptoms of parathyroid disease, but ask your doctor if you’re worried. I’m not a medical professional.

  1. Hair loss near the front of your head, dry skin, and brittle nails.
  2. Tiredness, lack of energy, and irritability.
  3. Depression, poor sleep, and loss of libido.
  4. Lack of concentration and forgetfulness.
  5. Gastric reflux, kidney stones, and constipation
  6. Headaches, high blood pressure, and eye problems
  7. Muscle pain, bone pain, and weakness.

Now like I said, I’m no doctor so don’t go stressing out yet. If you have concerns ALWAYS seek professional advice. But wow, all of these could be alleviated by a correct diagnosis and avenue of treatment? Holy cow!

What are you waiting for then? A simple, painless, non-invasive procedure can help you find what’s wrong and help you decide on a treatment that could relieve so many symptoms. That’s the great thing about living in our time. Medically, we have options. But options are only good if you’re aware of them, and THAT is why I write my blogs.

Edited by Jake Layton

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