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My radiologist once told me- it's not "if" someone will get cancer, it's "when". Do you understand what that means? It means that everyone will face that battle sooner or later in their lifetime.

I remember Dr. Brantley told me that, at the turn of last century, 1 person in 1000 got cancer- and at the turn of this past century it was supposedly 1 in 2 (that means 50 out of every 100 people! Half the population! And getting worse!) And according to the radiologist mentioned below, in the news article, it will very soon be 1 out of every 1 person.http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/288916.php

Yup, you read that opinion correctly.

Cancer has been the focus of my passion and study for the last 20 years. More specifically, me not getting cancer -AGAIN - has been my focus. Preventing it from coming back, or spreading.

That's hard work and it takes up a lot of my energy...But it seems like very soon it will be everyone's job!

So, since I got a 20 year head start- I'd like to share with you some of the things that I found that worked for me...I am going to do a 17-part blog on what I've learned and believe about cancer. The reason I'm doing this is because I started to write it down for myself, so that I could sort through the information that I found out; and because I'm a layman, and not a doctor, this is just my notes to myself; just simply put. The reason there will be so many blogs is because I have discovered many alternative protocols that correspond to different causes of cancer-and they are all somewhat related. And even if you're doing chemo, my humble opinion is YOU SHOULD DO JUST ABOUT ALL OF THEM IN CONJUNCTION WITH IT. (Of course with your doctors OK to make sure none of these cross whatever protocols you're doing)

Not only will some of these protocols make chemo easier to tolerate, but doing some of these might completely prevent cancer altogether. For sure that's my opinion but hey I've been doing this for 20 years. I've tried to narrow it down so that I could look back and reference what I've written so that in years to come, I can understand what I've learned and make decisions on how to keep myself healthy.

I didn't do this for anyone but for myself.

But then, I thought I should be presumptuous enough to think that maybe somebody else would want to read this-so I decided to share, but I share this not as a doctor who is trying to cure cancer, just trying to help you make healthier choices- and to understand the differences between choices and the results of those choices. I want to explain what those choices are and what we can do to change or to help prevent all kinds of illnesses, not just cancer! I also believe that if we don't know what causes cancer or don't have any ideas about it, we won't know what choices to make to counteract the causes if we do get cancer; and when dealing with disease, it is imperative that you attack the cause of an illness, not the symptoms!

In other words, if you break your leg, putting a cast on it helps the pain and sets the bone, but fixing the stairs that you tripped on will get rid of the cause of the break so it doesn't happen again! I hope this makes sense to you- because it makes sense to me!

But because I have been dealing with my own health issues, I also know that these things I'm writing about work! I've done them myself. So, if I can do preventative measures, then I believe that everyone can try to do some preventative measures because I'm no different then you are!

You read that right - I'm going to give you things to do to help you prevent some of these causes of cancer. Things even YOU can do!

So here it goes!

I believe that several things cause cancer.

  • The first is: inflammation and lack of nutrition. Cancer is an inflammatory disease! Thru great nutrition, you can reverse inflammation and just about all dis-ease this causes!
  • The second cause is a toxic system! Get the sludge out!
  • Third cause-a faulty immune system caused by all the above!
  • Four is viral/ bacterial infection.
  • The fifth cause of cancer is hormones/stress (depending on the type of cancer)
  • The 6th cause is sugar
  • The 7th is an overload of animal proteins
  • 8 Metabolic-not genetic-issues
  • 9 lack of a good bacterial environment in the gut

The reason I know that these things have caused me issues in the past, is because I have gotten positive responses to the remedies that I have done to counteract them!!!!! Yay!

But being alternative in this conventional world is not without its drawbacks! It has not been a straight road for me; It has been sometimes humiliating. I cannot tell you the amount of times I've been dismissed by a doctor, or worse, been threatened by a doctor or scared into compliance by a doctor. I find these practices horrendous and manipulative.

Shouldn't I have a choice about how I want to do with my illness?

Even though I've been through the ringer with my health and the healthcare system is extremely flawed, I don't blame 'them" or God for my situation.

I have free will and I made the choices that got me here. And so did you.

So, it's up to us to get ourselves out of here. Take responsibility for your own health, healthcare and treatment. So I hope you give me the privilege to enlighten you on some cancer prevention and cancer "busting" ideas!

For the last 20 years, I have not just been battling my own health issues - some of which I've written about and you've read about - but the last 20 years have been a trial and error test with my own body, as guinea pig, and finding my own way to getting results. And sometimes I've actually had a doctor who was as maverick a thinking doctor as I was a maverick thinking a patient, jump on board and take the roller coaster ride with me. Dr. Gonzalez was one such doctor.....as was Dr Sollazzo, Dr Isaacs and Dr Brantley. And I pay homage to their courage and I'm grateful for their knowledge and compassion.

And what I have seen lately is that regular medical doctors have come to an agreement with some of the things that, I as a layperson, have been saying for years-and have heard from my above doctors! Now, certainly I don't attack these problems the same way as doctors attack it. I attack it in a much more simple way. I dumb down everything in a way that I can understand it and in a way where I can get results.

This wasn't easy! I've been threatened by a Park Avenue oncologist. I have been bullied by a Renal specialist (at a fashion dinner, no less.) I have been laughed at by my own gynecologist when I was asking questions. Humiliating for sure.

I have been through that and more.

But no one can shake me from the lessons I have learned. And if God has taken me through this life in this way, in order to shine a light on what's wrong with the health system - then I guess, with what I've been through, he tempered me for the job.

And if I've gone through all this to save one person from going through what I've been through - to save just one other person, just one day of the agony and the fear and the stress, then that's why I'm writing these blogs.

Even healthy people are just one misstep away from ill health. So why chance it? Just start making changes. I believe these blogs will help you easily make those decisions and those changes.

So, here in a nutshell is the basis of the next 10 blogs.

And remember, that every "body" is basically the same. We have the same parasite and bacteria issues (candide, yeast, being ONLY 1 insidious parasite). We have the same nutritional needs. We all need enzymes. We all need sleep. We need to regulate insulin and sugar intake, we live in toxic environments so we all need to detox as well.

Diet books are great but they focus on weight loss. They talk about a diet only in light of losing weight- TOTALLY wrong.

Who cares if you're skinny if you're dead?

It's how we do the things we do that make all the difference in our health. No one, but no one can do this for us. So grab that bull by the horns and tame it! Your life depends on it.

By the way, just a little footnote(well, a rather BIG FOOTNOTE it seems now that I look at it) Hopefully you're still reading this far into my blog-I know it's a long one. (All 16 of these blogs are going to be long, so just get used to it-lots of amazing info to give you.)

So, some really good things have come out of the fact that I had this issue. I have become smarter about my body which has anti-aged me and gotten rid of all the little nagging issues I had as well: acid reflux, etc.

I research everything, I don't eat anything that isn't good for me, with a few exceptions (i'm no angel! I cheat - it's just a calculated cheat)

And I'm smarter, I have become very suspicious; of food companies that want to poison me; of doctors who really don't want to stray from their protocol to help me with the protocol that's actually right for me.

And of the FDA and other government bodies (EPA-I mean you!) who does nothing, practically, to protect us; and certainly nothing to protect us from companies like Monsanto. I also had become the go-to man for my family and my friends with their health issues. And finally I've become very grateful; every day is a gift. I want the people around me to know that I love them. I've stopped being shy about approaching people to say hello- that was a big one for me! I want people to feel good around me - I want to be "the gift" at every party.

So if I die tomorrow. That I can't help - I could step off the curb and get hit by a bus. But as long as I'm alive, I will educate you, I will make you healthier, and I will make the people around me feel wonderful!

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