Sugar Is Not Always So Sweet

Sugar feeds cancer!

End of blog.

Just kidding........

I love sugar. But I try not to eat it! Tall order for anyone! But there are so many sugar substitutes out there that are actually healthy for you.

But first, there is no doubt that sugar feeds diseases like cancer.

But if I'm going to give up this pleasure, I want to understand why. So here is what I found: (4 paragraphs down, I speak English again so bear with me for these next 4 paragraphs!)

Sugar reprograms metabolism:

Unlike normal cells that generate ATP through oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria, cancer cells are reprogrammed to get their energy from glycolysis in the cytoplasm (Warburg phenomenon) Such transformation helps these cells to adapt to their hypoxic microenvironment, it also provides them with essential substrates required for the synthesis of macromolecules such as amino acids and nucleosides to help in rapid proliferation. That reprogramming is usually driven by oncogenes such as AKT1, mTOR, MYC.

The high dependence of these cells on glucose metabolism serves as a basis for the omission of fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-pet) imaging.

(---hematology and oncology speciality consult. 4th Edition edited by Amanda F. Cashin and Brian A Van Tine Washington University St. Louis University School of Medicine)

OK - that's a lot of mumbo-jumbo for the information that diseased cells have gene mutations that help them use glucose to grow really quickly. And that this "high dependence on glucose" is what gives them their glow when you see them in a pet scan. Or at least that's what I got out all of that.

My doctor knows I've been into all this cool kind of stuff - so he walked out of his office one day and handed me this book, open to the section on glucose. Naturally I can only understand this in my crazy layman kind of way - and that is this: SUGAR FEEDS DISEASE. But my doctor said this is a very BIG concession for conservative oncology - in other words, this is news!

Great news, because sugar is something we can actually control. We can decide whether or not to eat sugar!

Of all the different helpful hints that I've been talking about with trying to be healthy and to look beautiful! This one is not the easiest to do-but, at least it can be a start. However, I don't want to leave you there. It's very hard to cut out sugar - I know. And if you're not eating raw and really eating a lot of protein and fats, (yes-we should be eating like the Japanese with fish for breakfast! Or think of the Jewish people - they eat Lox in the morning. The raw version of Lox is marinated salmon) it can be almost impossible. That's why I started this series with Blog 2 on diet.

How do you wean off sugar?

The way my doctor got me off of sugar is by giving me the following advice:

  • Eat breakfast like a king; lunch like a queen; and dinner like a pauper.

Or the Russians say the following:

  • Eat breakfast alone; lunch with a friend; give dinner to an enemy.

See? They may well be way ahead of us when it comes to eating!

So, yeah, I can remember those little ditties-but what do they MEAN?

They mean: eat a huge breakfast. I got off sugar by eating a breakfast with salad, raw fish, cold pressed oils - avocado, and any other healthy food I could find. PLUS -and I did say PLUS- a green powder drink! I did the same for lunch and then I had a carbo with raw fats (COLD PRESSED olive oil/Udo oil)for dinner. Repeat-for two months. Then he took away my carbo dinner. And because I was so well fed - and I did those green powders - and I was eating healthy food - I no longer craved sugar. It was pretty awesome. By the way - maybe you should also think about doing this if you're going to fast?

But if you're suffering from a health issues right now, my doctor told me about a drug that has suddenly become- according to him- a miracle. Although I do not normally like to depend on pharmaceuticals, this one might be worth mentioning because if you have an issue right now and sugar is part of that issue, then you may need to do something right away and perhaps you should look into this with your doctor.

It's Metformin.

I am told that Metformin does the following:

  • Lowers GF which is insulin growth levels
  • GF is a fertilizer for disease.
  • I am told that Metformin lowers blood glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity.
  • I'm also told Metformin inactivates beta-catenin/Wnt pathways - these pathways help make disease more aggressive.
  • Metformin inhibits angiogenesis -which is the creation of new blood vessels. (This is important because tumors need blood vessels to feed themselves.)
  • Metformin targets stem cells - so these cells won't become diseased.
  • Metformin stops the breakdown of telomeres.

We have heard that shortening the length of telomeres through damage can adjust your lifespan and how you age- it can also play a part in disease by hindering the metabolism of some diseased cells; it hinders inflammation! But, besides the fact, it also is being used in polycystic ovary syndrome.

It is helping to prevent melanoma and basal cell carcinoma; it is lowering protein levels of CDKs (2 4 and 6) and cyclins (D1 & E) PMC 3850878. It is inhibiting thyroid cancer and it apparently does many other things to help prevent disease. But the main one I was talking about with you was the lowering of blood glucose levels and increased sensitivity to insulin.

So if there's a small chance that Metformin can do this - there might be a big chance that I will try it. Either way - Metformin is not sold for any of the above. The above seem to be some Metformin side effects. Like I said everybody has to make their decisions on how they handle their health. And Metformin does have some other side effects like headaches and dizziness as well.... But apparently, there are also some great results to be had with it.

Finally, because this blog is getting too long - maybe you could ask your doctor about Yucca sweetener, xylitol and other non-sweet sweeteners!

See? I wouldn't leave you high and dry without some form of sweetener!

My books also have lots of different kinds of sweeteners mentioned in them.

Thank you Dr. Richard Sollazzo for reading this blog for posting!

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You need to find what diet works best for you- I have a few friends who thrive on cooked- not because they like it better, but because a doctor tested them and said that this is what they should eat! That info even surprised my doctor when he started his practice

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