Sitting is the New Smoking

Nothing gives you a sense of accomplishment as exercise does. And it is instant gratification as well. And if you've had health issues and it's hard to get out of bed, even just walking can be a huge boost.

Nothing is better than beating illness and looking good doing it!

But on top of the instant gratification, the looking good, and the feeling better aspect, studies show that women who have breast cancer and exercise live longer than women who have breast cancer and don't exercise. Now everyone is talking about the benefit of exercise.

But why does exercise work? Lots of reasons. Like:

  • Increase mitochondria growth
  • Increase in oxygen in the blood
  • Increase in cell metabolism
  • When you give your heart this kind of workout regularly, it will get stronger and more efficient in delivering oxygen (in the form of oxygen-carrying blood cells) to all parts of your body.

In terms of maybe just battling cancer - those cells being anaerobic grow where there is no oxygen! Therefore blood that carries more oxygen can only be a good thing! 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, resistance training and/or stretching are recommended. Come on, even I can do that!

Exercise also has the ability to counteract negative effects such as fatigue, depression, osteoporosis and heart disease for everyone - including cancer patients. How it does this for cancer patients is through the production of anti-cancer hormones called endorphins, also called the happiness hormones! Aptly named as they help the body when it needs to fight!

So what do endorphins do that they can combat disease? Well, they have a drug-like effect, even at very low levels:

  • They can actually unblock silenced genes, thus reversing the loss of crucial health messages
  • They can greatly reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol has been shown to cause severe inflammation in the body, linking to two cancer-causing genes. Plus it helps reduce cancer spread because it:

Reduces blood glucose levels

Increases lymph flow

Exercise is another awesome weapon in your arsenal for prevention and to help combat this disease!

So "Just Do It" - as Nike says!

For more benefits from exercise read:

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