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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Sam.

Sam lost his father to cancer. Watching his father suffer caused Sam great distress. It started him thinking that there has to be a better way to help people with cancer. He thought he could not make chemo any better, and he couldn't change radiation, but perhaps he could find another way to deal with cancer. So Sam went to med school and graduated young and top of his class. He also was one of the youngest students to ever go before the Australian medical board with a thesis. His thesis had many prominent doctors of the time listed under his name as supporters of the thesis.

Now, Dr. Sam turned his attention to cancer. He started to think that perhaps cancer was a virus or a bacteria. Could that possibly be? And if so, why wasn't the body attacking it like a virus or a bacteria? Dr. Sam spent his life working to prove this theory, and by the early 1990s, he was injecting people with viruses that were "tagging" the cancers. Once the cancers were tagged, the body realized the tumor was there, and that the cancer was growing undetected. So the body set about attacking the tumor and destroying it: many times, in just the time span of a couple of weeks, people were completely clear of cancer. Bottom line is, he found 72 different viruses that would tag 72 different kinds of cancers - each cancer with its own virus that only attacked the cancer cells, but did not attack the healthy cells next to it!

Cool, huh? This was a lot of work. In fact, it was his life's work.

Once people were being cured of cancer with this unique technique, Dr. Sam realized that he could get way more attention and reach a lot more people if he was associated with a big cancer center. So he contacted a big well-known hospital and asked them if they would catalog his viruses. They agreed. So Dr. Sam, in his navet, sent over all his data, all his research, and all the viruses...

The hospital sent Dr. Sam a letter saying his tagging was "99.9999% effective!" (Apparently, you can't say one hundred percent of anything in medicine!) So why haven't we been tagging cancer since 1990? Long story short, Dr. Sam never received any of his research back. It was "lost." In the days before computers, this was devastating!

You can't make this stuff up!

To say this left Dr. Sam broke and unable to continue his work is an understatement - it took a long time for him to recoup from this. But Dr. Sam is still working today to try and cure people of cancer! And tagging is still his primary source of cure. Anyway, this is the story of Dr. Sam as he tells it and I have no reason to doubt it because I saw the NBC news clip.

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However, modern medicine has not just claimed his idea, it has caught up with him and is tagging cancers today.

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I believe that the actual war on cancer today is not to find a cure for cancer, but to find a cure that can bring the same financial benefits to Big Pharma as chemotherapy. Because even with all of the new ways to attack cancer, the first thing doctors tell you to do is "chemotherapy" - because then they are covered by their medical insurance if something happens to you and you or your family sue. And also, your health insurance will cover the exorbitant cost. So patients do it because they don't have to pay for it - so basically, it's a moneymaker all around!

I can't tell you how much money I've spent out of pocket on alternative health care - even if my insurance has covered some of the alternative protocols that I have done, they've not covered everything. So while everybody's looking for new and different ways to cure cancer, Immunotherapy has been under our nose for a long time and has just now become a very big thing. So what does that have to do with you? If cancer is a bacteria or virus, then the crappy food we're eating today is maybe not equipping our bodies with the immune system to handle it. So besides diet, supplements, and enzymes, I believe that one of the ways to help combat disease would to be to boost the killer T cells.

There are several ways to do this:

Some people swear by Vitamin C drips. You need to take a blood test before you take a heavy duty Vitamin C drip. Because too much Vitamin C can actually burst your red blood cells. So make sure your doctor checks to see if you can handle a therapeutic Vitamin C drip. Mistletoe is another way to boost your immune system that is easily added to the Vita C drip.

But how does a Vitamin C drip work? Linus Pauling's thesis was that Vitamin C is an essential ingredient that helps our cells carry on a defensive immune process called "Phagocytosis" in which the cell envelopes and digests harmful foreign bodies. His study showed that higher levels of Vitamin C than we normally have in our bodies would ward off these viruses that give us colds and infections. The medical community scoffed at him, and it was not until the 1980s that mainstream doctors accepted this theory. Dr. Erwin Stone theorized that by reason of a genetic accident millions of years ago, we human beings lost our ability to synthesize certain enzymes that are required in the production of ascorbic acid. Therefore, we have to take Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) from outside sources.

Anyway, taking Dr. Pawling's theory one step further - that Vitamin C could help us ward off colds and cases of flu - many people started believing that Vitamin C could help our bodies ward off other diseases as well, simply by maintaining a stronger immune system. Dr. Pauling then extended his research into cancer, and with his associate, physician Evan Cameron, published several papers proposing that ascorbic acid could help cancer patients; and in fact that it was an important immune boosting element in cancer therapy (The Woman Who Cured Cancer' by T Colin Campbell). Some doctors suggest a 30,000 mg boost; some 40,000 mg; and my doctor actually recommended 75,000 mg of Vitamin C (thereby needing a blood test to make sure you could tolerate that high dose.)

But recently I have found a 1930s remedy that I thought I might like to try to boost my immune system. According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, the HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) Push has been around since the early 1930s.

And recently I went to an event where there were many alternative doctors, so I asked some of them about the HCL drip to see what their thoughts were. What I found is that many of these alternative doctors had been doing the HCL push quite often in the past, but then suddenly stopped because nobody was asking for it. When I asked why nobody was asking for it, I was told that it was mostly because people didn't know about it and didn't know to ask for it. The consensus was that big pharmaceutical companies were pushing drugs and telling people that alternative products didn't work.

So now, of course, I wanted to try it!

HCL pushes are supposed to boost killer T cells, and I heard that they are basically otherwise harmless to the body and relatively inexpensive to do - a great combination! The next thing I found out is that it's not actually a drip, it's a push. A push starts as a drip but then at one point a syringe of HCL/saline mix is pushed thru the IV. I am also totally consumed about acid: specifically, the acid in my body. I've talked on and on about pH and how it's important to be balanced - acid to alkaline. So I asked another doctor about putting acid in my blood. He said the HCL push very, very, very slightly might raise the acidity of my blood momentarily, but it's one drop of HCL to 1/1000 of saline solution. He said building T cells outweighs that concern.

But I also found out something really sad: everybody's so afraid. Doctors are afraid to try anything different than the protocols that they are covered for by insurance, or protocols other than that are accepted by the AMA because they will be shut down and lose their license. So basically if they're not using big pharmaceuticals - they are afraid they're going to be shut down! What I got out of that is this: the hell with the patient, the pharmaceutical companies are what's important.

Well, I'm not a doctor, so I can tell you about the things I've done to stay healthy. Combining science, health, and research, I decided to try the HCL PUSH, and this is what I found:

It took me a lot of research and many doctors to track down the one doctor who would actually do it. When I went to do it the doctor actually talked me out of it. He was worried about acidity since I have an inflammatory condition: he didn't want to do anything that would inflame that condition - acid would certainly do that. But I found out that the push is one drop out of 1000 so it should not really acidify my body. So I went back to the doctor and asked again.

The push hurts, I won't deny that. The HCL burns a little. But if you go slowly, the burn is hardly noticeable. There are also very many of these pushes. I needed 15 or 16 of them to complete the cycle. I'm disappointed that I didn't take my blood and track my T-cell results. If you ever decide that the HCL push is the right way to go for you, I suggest you take your killer T-cell count before and after your series of pushes. Just to satisfy in your own head that it worked. I've heard that only one person who my doctor had given the HCL push to didn't get a result - so they sent him off to detoxify. When he came back, the pushes worked: his killer T-cell count rose.

I think that if you have an inflammatory condition, you should throw everything you have at it. What I'm worried about is that nobody really knows the exact cause of some disease. Is it the genes that are reacting? Or is it hormones? Is it acid? Is it a lower immune system? There are so many causes and even if you have all the underlying conditions it doesn't mean it's THAT condition that is actually causing YOUR disease. Know what I mean? Which cause is the cause that broke the camel's back? Which cause actually caused my disease? So I just figure I'm going to hit disease on every front. And I'm going to tell you every front that I hit it on - and you can make up your own mind about what might be useful for you!


I sat with a very famous doctor the other day for lunch and he happened to tell me that within the next six months to a year there would be targeting immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer. They will be able to locate an antigen in prostate cancer, and set radiation just to target cancer and not the prostate. Pretty cool, huh?

As well, several of the doctors I've talked to have gone off-label on Optivo and have used it to great effect with cancers other than lung cancer. One doctor also mixed it with interferon and GT Maf. And finally, if you're interested in targeted immunotherapy, my other blog might interest stay tuned...

Anyway, all my blogs are just food for thought and discussions on how powerful integrative therapies can be in fighting cancer!

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