My Top 5 Discipline Hacks to Maintain Self-Control Over the Holidays

Everyone always asks me how I keep disciplined during the holidays. There are a couple little tricks I return to time and time again to get me through the holiday season without backtracking on my hard earned health and fitness progress throughout the year.

All the pleasures of the holiday season make it one of the MOST difficult times to stay focused and “in control.” Whether it’s expanding waistlines or shrinking bank accounts, many of us loose our usual ability to be balanced or disciplined.

Here’s my top 5 holiday discipline hacks to maintain self-control, and your waistline until the new year!

1 – Make your motivation holiday themed

When you learn about goal-setting – one of the number one pieces of advice you’ll receive is to make sure your goals are realistic. We all know the holidays are a special time of year to enjoy a much needed break, or things that we aren’t usually tempted by year round. This time of year I love adjusting my goals *slightly* and incorporating a holiday twist so that I stay motivated but also embrace some of the special treats the holiday brings. My top tip – challenge yourself to a “12 Days of Christmas” or holiday themed goal like – drinking an extra glass of water to stay hydrated, energized and just a little bit more full!

2 - Stave off temptation

Whether you’re planning on having a big holiday meal with those you love, or ordering a special holiday door delivery to your home, holiday meals are often filled with so many tempting goodies and treats that we don’t eat year round. My hack – don’t go into a huge meal starving. I always make better choices about what I eat when I’m not starving! Have a light and healthy afternoon snack – raw cheese and raw flaxseed crackers are my top go-to to make sure I’m not at the mercy of my growling belly. 

3 – Enlist your friends and family

Whether it’s a friendly remote competition with a friend, or embracing time with the whole family, there are so many ways you can stay active and focused over the holidays. Family themed scavenger hunts, outdoor hikes, digital fitness challenges and active board games like Head Bandz are all great ways to stand up and move, while embracing the holiday spirit. All goals are easier to achieve when you have the support and motivation from loved ones!

4 – Taste the red and green!

Red and green aren’t just two of the top colours associated with holiday décor – they’re also two colours associated with some of the healthiest food you can eat! Challenge yourself to find fun ways to incorporate raw recipes that use red and green fruits and vegetables. Whip up a quick kale, beet and strawberry salad! Add a twist to your favourite punch with raspberries and lime! What recipe ideas do you have that feature the best red and green fruits and veggies? I’d love to know!

5 – Take a balance approached to enjoying spirits

Many of us are looking forward to curling up by the fire with a nice glass of wine, whisky or special champagne. Enjoy a drink, but be careful you don’t overindulge. My top tip? Drink seltzer with orange juice or cranberry juice in a special glass BEFORE enjoying your choice of spirits. You’ll trick your mind into thinking you’ve already had a glass, before you really do, and help slow down the urge to keep topping yourself up!

These are my top 5 go-to tips to make it through the holidays without undoing your hard earned healthy living progress throughout the year.

Do you have any tips you use to maintain your self-control over the holidays? If so – I’d LOVE to know!!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, wonderful and love-filled Holiday!

Warm Regards,




CAROL ALT is a pioneer and chameleon in the entertainment industry; constantly on the lookout for new challenges. Since her days as the world’s most renowned Supermodel, Carol has gone on to be multi-award winning actor, successful entrepreneur, best-selling author on Raw Food and Nutrition, and the host of A Healthy You & Carol Alt on FOX News Channel.