Holiday Discipline

Everyone always asks me how I keep disciplined during the holidays. There are a couple little tricks that I can think of that can help get you through the holidays without gaining too much weight. So let me share them here with you:

  1. The first thing I make sure of is that I carry some raw cheese - sliced - in a little plastic baggie, and some raw flaxseed crackers or sometimes even a gluten-free rice cracker. If I'm going to a holiday party, I don't go hungry. I make sure I eat something before I go. This way I'm not hungry - and I'm not answering to my stomach all night. I can make wise choices about eating the fruit and veggie crudités instead of the spinach dip and chips. If I'm not starving, I always find I make better choices about what to eat. I think better and therefore I'm not at the mercy of my growling belly.
  2. The other thing I do is I drink seltzer with orange juice first thing (or cranberry juice), and if I want to drink I wait until sometime later in the evening. If the first thing I do is come in and drink on an empty stomach, I become less inhibited. I know that's a great thing at a party because everybody's usually pretty shy in the beginning and then things warm up as the alcohol flows. But in all seriousness, if I drink the first thing out, then I want another drink, and another drink, and then why not have another drink. And then I think, "Well, what the heck who cares about what I eat at a party. I haven't eaten all day, so I could eat tonight. Now I'm starving." And the inhibitions fall in a wrong way. Then you indulge - sometimes gorge - because you think you deserve to be able to do it. And then you live with regrets the next day. It's nice to be social and have a drink, but plan it.

Those are the two biggest things I can think of to help you through the holidays. Make sure you have something to eat before you go to a party, and make sure that you have a couple of non-alcoholic drinks before you have that alcohol drink - it also buffers the alcohol in your system.

Wishing everybody a happy, healthy, wonderful, love-filled Holiday!

Warm Regards,



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