Have Your Air and Breathe It, Too!

So I have been looking for something to clean the air in my office, my home, my car, and me personally! I get that the air is not getting any cleaner, and then I read an article that claimed 40% of the air pollution in the city is - are you ready for this - dog poop! Dog poop that has dried-up, powdered, and blown up into the air.

Dog poop! I had to reread that several times to believe my eyes.

It used to be that 71% of the air had powdered poop in it. That was when we didn't have to clean up after our dogs, but now it's decreased to 40% as some people still don't clean up after their dogs! (The irony is that people think that they're getting away with not cleaning up after their dogs. Now they know they're not as they breathe the same air we do.)

This information spurred me into wanting to replace my old air filters ASAP. However, I didn't just want to REPLACE them after what I'd learned, I wanted to CHANGE them.

In the past, I have gotten Ozone air filters because the unstable O3 molecule (which is Ozone) neutralizes free radicals in the air. It's the same idea as what antioxidants do to the body when rubbed on with skin cream or eaten in raw food.

So, I understood this concept of cleaning the pollution out of the air with an antioxidant-like effect. The problem with ozone is that it can irritate your lungs if it gets too high in concentration. The second problem is you never know WHEN it's too high a concentration, because you get used to smelling it. The only telltale sign is coughing or lung irritation. So, I didn't want to repeat the ozone if I didn't have to.

I went digging around, and doing what I normally do when I have a problem and I need a solution: I researched. I thought I would start with the Allergy Buyers Club. I believed that they would have the best products, because of their guarantee for people who have health issues. I had allergies as a kid, and they're no fun. (Thank God for raw food! No more allergies!)

Continuing my research, I found the most incredible product ideas that I've ever found for the air! The company that I found (AerusAir.com) has lots of incredible, ingenious products that help save time, money, and water (for you guys in California!) Plus, they are recommended by the Allergy Buyers Club, which is a good thing to me.

But for this blog, I'm just going to talk about this product I found that cleans the air. The product is called Quiet Pure Air Purifier. I called the company and spoke to the head guy. I asked him how this works, because it was just too incredible for me to believe.

The guy, whose name is Rick, told me what the air purifier does: dirty air goes through the specialized filters, and while the air is in the filters, it basically gets "energized" and thrown back out into the room. This "energizing" of the air actually helps clean other old, stale, polluted, dirty air that's in the rest of the room. AND - get this - the "energized" air also kills bacteria off of surfaces. Like the domino effect of an antioxidant, it cleans the air and surfaces! Cool, right?

So no more air freshener needed to clean stinky air, or bacterial wipes to wipe down your countertops - unless, of course, you want to. If you have animals, it cleans pet dander, the smell of pet food, and litter box odor all out of the air! It also cleans the dog poop powder you've been breathing. LOL.

Since I got Sammy, I realized how much my old machines were not working. So I'm getting the Quiet Pure myself. I'm also told that it is practically soundless. This 'soundless' machine is what I can't wait for, because I couldn't run my old machine at night: it made too much noise.

As you all know, I got The City Quiet windows so that I could sleep in peace. But, I only slept in peace without my air purifier running. So, the air was stale and stagnant. Now I can have my cake and eat it too, or should I say, I can have my air and breathe it, too!

Clean air, a continuous domino effect of cleaning, antibacterial surface cleaner, and best of all, quiet! This machine is the perfect home companion!

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