An Unsuspecting Guinea Pig

For the last week, I have been an unsuspecting guinea pig, and believe me I didn't like it. But it gave me great insight into what allergy sufferers are going through every spring. Last week my eyes started to swell and feel itchy and my sinuses started to act up. I haven't had that feeling for a very long time - actually for 20 years - since I went raw. I was crazy with trying to figure out what was happening.

So I started to blame my poor little kitty, Sammy. I mean, I didn't have Sammy last spring; he was a new addition the summer. So naturally, when I had a new and debilitating symptom, I went to, "What's new in my environment that is causing me to have itchy eyes and stuffy sinuses?"

Poor Sammy; I refrained from picking him up and I didn't cuddle him as much as I used to. To be honest I had my face in his fur all the time. I just figured it was spring, and I could handle the pollen count, but I couldn't handle my furry friend on top of that. So, both Sam and I were very unhappy because there was no contact between us. I figured it would just be for the spring season while the pollen count was high.

One day I went into my bedroom and noticed that my air purifier was unplugged. I have an Aerus Air Power Pure Air Purifier and Humidifier in one, and it was not unplugged totally, just half out of the socket. Just enough to make it look like it was running - but not enough to run it. And since my Eris air is so quiet, I didn't realize I didn't hear it running.

I also realized that it's where Sammy jumps to the window and he must have knocked the plug. So my Areus air had no power and the room where I slept had unfiltered air. Then I wondered how long the power had been off - if it had anything to do with the fact that I was suffering from itchy eyes and stuffy sinuses.

Well, I thought it was definitely worth a try to plug it back in and see if I started to heal. And I have to admit I was shocked at how quickly I healed. By the next day, my eyes were feeling better and my sinuses were no longer stuffed. My left eye was completely sore from rubbing it and that has taken a few days to heal because I wore the skin red!

But by the end of the weekend - I had plugged it in on Thursday - I had no signs of itchy eyes, red skin, or stuffy sinuses.

I'm happy to report that I have stuffed my face into Sammy's fur all morning! We're both very happy.

I have been telling you all how important it is to clean your air. But I never touched on the allergy aspect of all of this. I was thinking more in terms of pollution and lung cancer. I didn't think of the everyday practicality of high pollen counts in the springtime and year-round pet dander for those who are a bit more sensitive than I am. My entire quality of life changed when I couldn't snuggle my cat and had to cancel meetings because my eyes were red and itchy.

I'm so grateful I figured out what the problem was: that it wasn't Sammy, it was that my Aerus air wasn't plugged in.

For those of you who are on the wall about getting something to clean your air, and are wondering what can help your issues, I have to tell you: I'm totally convinced. I'm convinced that cleaning your air can have a huge effect on your allergies.

But not just that, my power air actually energizes the air so that it attacks bacteria on surfaces. I didn't think that was possible. And I have to say, that doesn't stop me from using cleansers once a week - but with a kitty cat running around the house it certainly helps me to know that I have an Aerus Air energizing my air and cleaning up after him. I loved my Areus Air before because I thought it protected me from pollution and lung cancer: I love it even more now because it's given me back my cat.

Warm Regards,




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