Acid Reflux is an Indicator of Aging?

You know sometimes I spew off at the mouth and tell people what I think are interesting things - sometimes my factoids fall on deaf ears, and sometimes they fall on ears that are all too eager to hear and do.

I have a girlfriend that I've modeled with since I was a kid. She was a big model back in the day at the same time it was my day. She was from France and of course ate all those French rich foods. I hadn't seen her in many, many years, as is natural - we went our separate ways. I was doing movies and writing books, she brought up several amazing and accomplished children.

We reached out to one another after seeing each other - no, not on Facebook - but at an event. At this point, I'm sure it was a funeral.We had dinner and she started to ask me about my health. She wanted to know if I had had a facelift, she wanted to know how I kept my weight down, she wanted to know how come I was eating so much food! I saw her eating salad and being a little unhappy. She was no longer eating her fabulous French food - she said it was giving her terrible indigestion.

So I told her no, I have not had a facelift, that I didn't take any over-the-counter products for headaches or indigestion or constipation or anything like that, that I get to eat as much as I want because I don't eat certain foods - I only eat certain other foods - and only prepared a certain way.

She told me that she had very, very bad indigestion, to the point of acid reflux. She didn't know the word "acid reflux," but when she said that the acid comes back up to her chest area, I knew exactly what it was. She was telling me that she took Maalox, Prevacid, tums...she said she tried everything. She was unhappy taking those products because she believed she had side effects from them, and she said that they tasted bad. Well, I know that a lot of those products are trying to make things taste better, but still, the fact is that what they do to the body is not a good thing.

And when I said THAT, she wanted to know what these things were doing to her body.

I said as far as I know from the doctors I worked with, antacids did just that: they were extremely alkaline products that neutralize the acid in her stomach. I told her that the problem with that is that the stomach is supposed to BE ACIDIC! I explained to her that stomach acid is what she uses to digest her food and keep it from coming back up her esophagus.

This totally confused her.

So I went on to explain that the reason she was having problems digesting her food was because as we age, our hydrochloric acid becomes weaker and weaker because we've used up our mineral and vitamin reserves. Her eyes went wide the second I mentioned aging - she had never connected her stomach issues with aging. But to me, it's all the same thing.

So I explained further: if you're eating cooked food that has very little vitamins and minerals available to the body, but vitamins and minerals are what anti-age the body and rebuild and rejuvenate it - and also help make HCl to digest the food - how can one not draw the conclusion that aging and bad digestion share the same causality?

She asked me what she could do to help this issue. (Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that question before!?) So I had to decide in that moment, as I mulled over in my head, "Do I start explaining all this to her or is it a waste of time," I decided that I can't judge people as to whether or not what I'm telling them is going to be thrown to the side or used. My job on this earth is to give this information and let people use their own free will.


I went into my spiel about why the least prepared foods are the best, what raw food had that cooked food didn't have - and yes, I've written many blogs on this and even more books - but I spilled again and gave her the information she was seeking. I was pretty sure that like 90% of the people I give this valuable information to, I believed that she too wouldn't use it - because I gave it for free.

I find many people have no respect for information that you get for free. They think it's worthless since you don't put a price on it. But this is the most vital information anybody could ever get on saving and having a better life. I also told her she should probably do some digestive enzymes as well. I told her to go to a health food store and ask for a real health food knowledgeable person and to ask them to do a little kinesiology on her.

I quickly showed her how kinesiology worked - and she was amazed. (Now that I'm thinking about it, I should write a blog about kinesiology! It could tell you if the salt you are using is good or bad for you; if a pill is good or bad; if food will heal or hurt you - just by your body's reaction right at that moment you test.)

Anyway, we lost touch with each other again, which is how life is when you're busy with kids and books. But recently she had sent me a link and asked me to view some tape that she had, and asked me for some information on how to edit it and which pieces to use. And then almost as an after-thought, she told me the miraculous change my information had had on her life.

She wrote me that I helped her with her acid reflux - that since the day we had sat down, she hadn't had any more acid reflux and never used an over-the-counter acid product again! And she says she loves her new world of amazing food that I opened the door to.

Yay! One down 7,399,000 more people to go :)

It's nice to get feedback!

Warm Regards,




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