A Holistic Approach to Medicine

I found out that today's food and drug market do not approach medicine holistically. Therefore, we are not being treated holistically! And when I say holistically, I mean the body as a whole. You can't just say you have cancer of the uterus and not treat the entire body. You can't just radiate a uterus and expect that the same environment that created cancer in the uterus is not going to cause cancer somewhere else in the body, or allow those cells from the cancer in the uterus to travel through the body and go somewhere else. The body as a whole is an environment: if it allows cancer to grow once, and you don't change the environment, it can allow cancer to grow again and to keep growing.

You can't say you have pancreatic cancer and just cut out parts of the pancreas and not expect that the stress of surgery is not going to affect the rest of the body. Stress is one of the major causes of cancer. And I certainly believe surgery to be stressful!

The problem I have found with some surgeries is that no doctor is prepared to help you heal the body holistically post-surgery from that stress and trauma. Usually after a cancer surgery involving tumors, because of insurance issues, the doctor tells you that you need to do chemotherapy.

Really? Chemo is recommended mostly because doctors are protecting themselves from a lawsuit? And on the other side, patients do chemo because it's a covered treatment - meaning they don't have to pay for it.

Unfortunately, you've just stressed the body by cutting it open and are now forcing it to heal itself without the proper tools. I don't mean medications to kill bacteria or pain, I'm talking about the vitamins and minerals it needs to create scar tissue, repair muscles that have been cut through, and for alkalizing the body's environment! The reason we are in this trouble in the first place is usually because we have malnutrition, and therefore healing is a very difficult thing to do.

But let's go back a little bit and talk about why nutrition is so important and why enzymes help cancer. If you love someone and you want to open their eyes to the other possibilities out there, then send them my blog. I have been working to cure myself for 20 years. It has been a roller coaster, as no road to healing is direct. But I can say while looking at the changes that happened over the last few years, a lot of what I'm saying and have been saying is finally coming to fruition.

(Go, Carol! Go, Carol! Go, Carol!) But all fun aside, this is a very serious issue in our country, and I would just like to do my little bit to help! I will also tell you the doctors from whom I learned this information. I'm doing this because I don't feel as though this is my information: I'm an aggregate of what I've learned in trying to save my own life. And that's what I'm doing all the time - I'm trying to save my own life. It's become my job, my full-time job, because I really have a need to understand.

And if I happen to help you or someone you love along the way, I would love to hear your stories! If you Tweet me a link to your story, I will post them on my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Love and health - they are certainly the two most difficult things to find! I hope I can help you try to find one of them; with health, everything else falls into place, but you can't have health without love.

Love is very healing. And acceptance is extremely valuable.

Warm Regards,




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