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Guest Post: Back to School Children’s Allergy tips with Iris Shamus


Sending your food allergic child off to school can be a daunting task but don’t despair, with some many children these days suffering from allergies, schools are becoming more aware and adept at handling these issues.  Here are a few tips to help keep your child in school safe and sound. 1.             Communicate: Be in a communicative relationship with your child’s school. ...

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‘A Healthy You & Carol Alt’ Episode 24 Recap


Segment 1: A fitness program for women going through menopause with Deb Horn Fitness Trainer Deb Horn explained to Carol that menopausal women have ever-fluctuating hormonal changes, which makes their exercise needs unique. Menopause, she explained, usually occurs around age 55—but it can start as early as 40.  As we age, our bodies change; we lose muscle mass and become ...

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‘A Healthy You’ Episode 23 Recap

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Segment 1: Eating Disorders Awareness with Kirsten Hagland February is Eating Disorder Awareness month.  Diseases such as anorexia and bulimia are very big problems among our appearance driven society. This week Carol spoke with Kirsten Haglund, who won Miss America 2008 and is the founder of the “Kirsten Haglund Foundation” which tackles the subject of eating disorders and our youth. Kirsten, who once had an eating disorder herself… ...

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‘A Healthy You’ Episode 21 Recap

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Segment 1:  Is your makeup aging you with Genevieve Monsma of More Magazine “Many women use makeup to help them feel more beautiful and look younger,” said Carol, “but what if it’s doing exactly the opposite– making you look older or accenting the wrong feature?” Genevieve Monsma, editorial director of More Magazine, explained to Carol that one of the biggest ...

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Guest Post: Schmidt’s Deodorant – A health-conscious deodorant!

Ask Carol

By Jaime Schmidt The consumer market is presented with endless deodorant options, and making a health-conscious choice isn’t easy when trying to make sense of product labels. Despite the fact that many ingredients in conventional deodorants have significant health consequences, companies continue to use them because they are cheap and effective. So, which ingredients should be avoided, and what are the ...

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‘A Healthy You’ Episode 20 Recap

A Healthy You Carol Alt Heidi Albertsen

Segment 1: Natural remedies for winter seasonal allergies with Dr. Robert Scott Bell   Dr. Bell explained to Carol that an allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system and, while it can sometimes be described as an acute reaction, it’s really a chronic underlying disorder of the immune system. Allopathic medicine (modern, opposite of homeopathic) tends to address the allergy by suppressing the ...

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Guest Post: 8 tips for healthy beautiful skin by Marco Guidetti-Hoffman, founder The Skin Care Clinic of Switzerland

Everyone wants radiant, healthy and sexy skin!  Here are the 8 tips and things you must pay attention to by Marco Guidetti-Hoffman, founder The Skin Care Clinic of Switzerland. 1. Bring nutrients to the skin: That means your diet, digestion and assimilation. Diet should include plenty of living raw food and essential fatty acids, and avoid processed food as much ...

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