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Clean Makeup: You asked for it, you got it!


As you all know, my expertise is skin care, yet that has not stopped people from asking me what is the best/cleanest cosmetic on the market-or at least what are the cosmetics that I use. This started me on a search for the best makeup on the market that is easy to use, VERY CLEAN of chemicals and somewhat available. ...

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Toronto and Shoppers Drug Mart!


OK so I goofed! I did a wonderful interview for Tony Grecco on the radio and messed up announcing that Raw Essentials is going national in Canada in Shoppers Drug Mart! I really did mean to say Shoppers Drug Mart but it kept coming out The Shoppers Mart! Tony!!!! Why didn’t you correct me? LOL! Well I guess we all ...

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The Importance of REST


You know, I always think that I can go, go, go and not stop and not rest. Now-a-days there is Twitter, Facebook, snail mail, emails both of the personal and business kind, phone calls, text messages, websites, and my work which includes not just working, but the work I do to get work! I could go on and on, but, ...

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Carol Launches Skincare Line


Caring Consumers turn to Raw Essentials, Carol Alt’s New Eco Chic Skincare Line New York, NY – December 28, 2010 — Supermodel Carol Alt just made Duane Reade a whole lot greener with her new skincare line. Carol Alt believes in a healthy Raw lifestyle, from the food she eats to the cosmetics she uses. Raw Essentials is the first ...

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Carol Launches Skincare with In-store Appearance


NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Supermodel Carol Alt is launching her new skincare line with an in-store appearance at Duane Reade. Carol lives a healthy lifestyle, from the food she eats to the cosmetics she uses. She created Raw Essentials with organic ingredients like green tea, blue chamomile, cucumber, rose, tangerine, lavender and calendula. Raw Essentials is never ...

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I never thought I would see this day


I never thought when I started the Raw Essentials line that I would see the day that we launched in retail stores. This day was a big deal for me as a little business owner because we launched at Duane Reade in NYC!!! My partners and I worked so hard for this day to come and believe me, there were ...

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Carol Live on HSN


Carol’s new skin care product Line is called Raw Essentials. Her skin care line ingredients include things you don’t recognize. Don’t worry, all ingredients are from nature and nothing is cooked or heated, just like the food Carol eats. Carol believes raw is the future. She’ll have 11 products out by the end of January which will be selling on ...

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