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Guest Post: Avoid the Dentist – Without Ignoring your Teeth!

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By Nadine Artemis  Carol Alt has a beautiful, healthy smile and you can, too. It’s easy! Just follow a few simple steps and you will have clean, bright teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath every day. Before you do anything else, ditch the toxic synthetic and chemical toothpastes, whiteners, and mouthwashes that clutter your bathroom counter. Many of these products ...

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A Healthy You Recap: All about the mouth!

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Segment 1:  What your mouth says about your overall health with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez Cancer and Nutrition Expert Dr. Gonzalez explained that the mouth is a reflection on one’s overall health; alternatively, mouth problems can also cause problems in other parts of the body. Mouth bacteria can move through the circulatory system and, more and more, research is showing that ...

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A Healthy You Recap: Pilates, Painkillers and Skin Care


Segment 1: Is Pilates the key to a great body at any age with Katherine and Kimberly Corp The owners of “Pilates on Fifth” explained to Carol that, while yoga is all about release, Pilates is really all about control.  “Pilates is a little more centered-focus,” said Katherine and Kimberly, adding that “centered-focus” refers to the core. Pilates improves flexibility, strength, ...

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A Health You Recap: Tapping with Jessica Ortner, Treadmill Desk with A.J. Jacobs and Balding with Elaine Magliacano


Segment 1: Tapping (EFT) for stress and weight loss with Jessica Ortner Jessica, author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, explained to Carol that tapping, sometimes called EFT, is a stress relieving tool that relies on applying pressure to acupressure points.  “Many times we instinctively know those points, because if you’re stressed, you might find yourself rubbing this” ...

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A Healthy You Recap: Trainer Tony Martinez, Hormones after 40 and Turning 50


Segment 1:  Celeb secrets for a Rockin body with Tony Martinez Ever wonder how Britney Spears and Janet Jackson get those rock-hard abs? This week Carol brought in trainer to the stars, Tony Martinez, who explained his “secret weapon”—core discs, which give those stars their 8-packs. “8-packs—not even 6-packs?” commented Carol. With the discs, explained Tony, you have to really hold ...

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A Healthy You Recap: Smoothies, Oil Pulling and Seasonal Allergies!


Segment 1: Break out the blender with Tess Masters The ‘Bender Girl’ Tess Masters explained to Carol the difference between blending and juicing.  Both are important and offers distinct health benefits, so she does both. With blending, you’re using the entire fruit or vegetable, including skin, pits and seeds, making it full of fiber.  Tess does this to clean out her digestive tract ...

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A Healthy You Recap: Zumba, Brad’s Raw Chips


Segment 1:  Zumba with Bessie Neshan at Carve Your Body It’s time to get our dance on! Started in 2001, Zumba is a feel-good, dance/aerobic workout that combines easy moves, motivating music and high-energy to work out body AND mind. Everyone follows the instructor, so there’s no need to learn complicated dance steps. As Bessie explained to Carol, people have lost both ...

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A Healthy You Recap: Carmindy, Healthy Chocolate & ‘Toe Whisperer’


Segment 1: Tips from Celebrity Makeup artist Carmindy: Carmindy, Makeup artist and best know for her work on the television show What Not to Wear, explained to Carol that food-grade ingredients are always best for your beauty regime, because commercial products get diluted with so many ingredients. Carol interjected that she’s also found that many things, such as fragrances, can mask toxins and other ...

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