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Eating Raw

Washing Down Wholesome Raw Foods With Dead Water


The principle behind the raw food diet is that foods are most healthy when they are whole and in the form that nature created them. When you heat or cook foods, you change the molecular makeup of them, which alters the way that the body processes them. Unable to recognize them in their altered state, the food you consume can ...

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What’s in my Fridge? And why it should be in yours!

Carol Alt What's in my Fridge

I’ll admit-  my fridge is not the prettiest place in the world.   I always make sure to have some Baking Soda inside so I can even open it in the presence of polite company-but this is actually a valuable sign in the war on ill health! Years ago, many foods spoiled quickly and therefore it was more important to ...

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Carol on Yahoo: What you don’t know about the raw food diet


Carol Alt, one of the most famous supermodels in the world, says eating raw food is what has kept her slimmer, healthier and more energized for two decades. Carol stopped by The Shine to talk about her raw food lifestyle and how it’s cured her headaches, stomach problems and fatigue. In her book,“Easy Sexy Raw”, Carol shares raw food recipes ...

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Carol shares Good Stuff on The Blender Girl Blog

The Blender Girl

Piggies, you are in for a treat of epic proportions this month! I am giving away an Excalibur 9-tray food dehydrator; and to celebrate, I decided to throw a party. Well, a virtual party on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so you could all join in. What’s a party without fabulous people and delicious food? So, I have teamed up with ...

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Fox and Friends

So you know that i am running around promoting my book, Easy Sexy Raw. And FOX News has been a big supporter of mine….. Last week i DID Fox and Friends with the whole gang: Eric, Brian, and Gretchen. But then Brian invited me back to do his radio show which i did this morning on FX Here is a ...

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Carol shares health secrets


How does a supermodel stay sexy? If you’re Carol Alt, you eat raw. The cover girl turned lifestyle maven is sharing the secrets to her svelte physique in a new cookbook titled “Easy Sexy Raw.” The book, part raw food primer and part recipe collection, is meant to make the diet, which calls for eating uncooked, unprocessed food, less daunting. ...

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Carol on Fox


Watch Carol Alt on Fox talking about Raw Food and all benefits of it. Watch the latest video at

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Hear me out, please!


Just so you understand, amino acids are proteins and essential fatty acids are fats. The worst thing the media did was introducing a no-fat, low-fat diet. Since I just stated that the body needs fats to rebuild and rejuvenate, why would anybody not eat fats? Well, the media has scared us away from fats, and rightly so if we are ...

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