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Congratulations, Where do you find the best or the biggest list of raw food recipes? Thank you, Titin

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My daughter wants her 4 yard old and 13month to be on a raw vegan diet I’m very concerned they are all ready under weight should they be on this way of life or just a vegan diet please help

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Exclusively raw???

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It can’t be healthy to eat every thing raw. What about steaming vegetables? What about fish and meat?

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Hi Carol, I love your new book and I am trying to incorporate more raw foods into my family’s diet. We just purchased a food dehydrator! I was wondering which enzymes and vitamins you take on a daily basis? Also, what are your favorite juice combos? I read in your book that you have raw juices three times per day. […]

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watched your segment on GMA

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What book would you suggest to begin Raw program. I was very interested in the soups you presented.

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where to buy

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hello i live in France and health shops are so expensive i cant rely on supermarket foods i have 4 children how can i begin a raw diet where can i buy the raw and what recipe ideas i have no idea how to start, thanks

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I dont sleep well now I 50 any tips?

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Eating Raw with a Nut Allergy!!

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Hi Carol! I am very intested in going raw for myself and my family. However, my son has a life threatening allergy to peanut/nuts. It seems that goign raw means more nuts in your diet. Can you still eat raw with a nut allergy?

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I have high c-reactive protein and inflamation – what food sources do you recommend? Also when I go online to order your face care at Raw Essentials when I go to check out it goes back to home page. I have tried this several times over a few days and the same thing happens. I know you do not do […]

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How to start

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Good Morning Carol, I am a 46 year old female with normal levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and average weight. However, this past Sunday I had a heart attack. Very unexpected, to say the least! My husband had a heart attack 3 1/2 years ago, at 44 years old. He had high cholesterol, though. We have been very interested in […]

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