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Yum! Dinner Snacking

By Carol Alt / Post / February 26, 2018

Suddenly there’s a new trend in eating.

It’s called dinner snacking. Dinner snacking is when you eat just small little snacks for dinner possibly in front of the TV, instead of sitting down for a big meal at a table. I am all for proper dinner snacking. In fact, I prefer it. It’s actually better for you than sitting down and having a big meal right before you go to bed. Like anything else, there are some pros and cons to dinner snacking. Some might be really obvious, and some might not.

In the past I’ve talked to you about “eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper.”

Or as the Russians say: “Eat breakfast alone, lunch with a friend, and dinner with an enemy.”

There’s a real reason for this. You should eat a huge breakfast; start your day off right. When you sit down for lunch you should not be hungry. You should be ready to eat but not hungry.
Why? Because then you choose correctly and don’t eat the sugars and breads and starches that are laid out on the table in front of you before your meal comes. Not only can you keep your weight in control, but you’ll choose healthier alternatives. When you’re not hungry when you sit down for lunch, you think with your head- not with your stomach. In fact, you will be able to control yourself better and be more apt to eat a moderate amount of food; enough to get you through the rest of the day. You never want to over-eat and, in fact, you won’t because you aren’t hungry to begin with because you ate a big breakfast, you will eat just the right amount.

And then comes dinner… So many people look at dinner as the relaxation at the end of the day. They see it as the time to socialize and go out and have a big meal and eat, eat, eat. Please understand that this is completely the wrong way to eat. If you’re eating a big meal and then going to sleep, not only will your body be digesting all night, It can cause fitful sleeping.
Many people wonder why they don’t sleep well at night. Just think about it, if the body is working and not resting, how can it possibly give you a good night’s sleep? How can it regenerate and rejuvenate if it’s working to digest instead?

There it is, the reason why we should always eat small snack like meals at dinner time. But here’s the caveat- it’s WHAT we eat that makes all the difference. Many people prefer to snack at dinner time because they can open a bag of something or unscrew a jar, but in reality, the issue is the quality of what you eat at dinnertime should be just as good as the quality of what you eat at breakfast and lunch- even though it’s just a snack.

I promise, I understand that at the end of the day you’re tired and you want to have a quick and easy snack. But again, there’s ways around that as well. Line up snacks at the beginning of the week. Always have healthy snacks around so that you’re not tempted to eat the unhealthy ones. Eating raw fruits and vegetables in the form of crudités is SO much easier than cooking.

I get that you’re looking for an easy way out, and the easy way doesn’t have to mean the unhealthy way. There’s many easy ways that include healthy snack. For example, buy your vegetables already cut– with some raw almond butter you can “dip and eat” with a minimum of work. Raw almonds are anti-carcinogenic and raw vegetables already have protein in them, protein that hasn’t been cooked out or altered. Raw milk cheeses with flax seed crackers is another great and easy snack. A bag full of mixed raw nuts with dried cranberries, dried raisins, or even a combination of the three, can go a long way as well! You could also do a prosciutto, bresaola, cheese and fruit plate. No cooking, no mess, no fuss.

You know I always say that your health is not a given. Health is work. Just remember, like what I’ve said above, sometimes health can be easy and fun!

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