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You’re Allowed To Laugh

By Carol Alt / Post / December 18, 2017
My two kitties!

I know that I write very serious blogs, because your health is seriously important to me! I also know the power of laughter, so that’s what I aim to do- make you laugh! This’ll inevitably piss some people off too, but that’s okay. Whatever you feel, all I ask is that you just let it out!

Okay, we need to get one thing straight here. I’m not being mean, I’m being decisive and realistic.

Let me start off by saying that I love my cats. They are the best thing I have done since I had my last cats, 16 years now! I get up in the morning and they make me laugh. And if laughter is healing, then they heal me every day. There’s nothing I like more than taking photos of my cats doing stupid things, which is just about all the time. Pictures of my cats literally clog my phone! And even if I take all these pictures, and I laugh over them, it takes a lot to refrain from sending them to my friends and family.

That said, l begin to wonder how is this any different from kids? I get photos every day of my friends kids eating spinach, throwing spaghetti, cooing, even hiccuping! I don’t know why my friends feel the need to tie up my email, my texts, and Whatsapp with pictures of their kids in geisha outfits and party dresses, tap shoes and cowboy hats.

Even though I would throw myself in front of a truck to save my cats, I don’t send you pictures of them. I know you love your kids the same way, if not more; and I don’t send you pictures of my cats in their poop box or eating with food on their faces! Even though my cats are really cute, and I know they would lift your day to see them tumbling into walls or jumping out of their fur when there’s a cucumber surreptitiously placed behind them, I also understand the limitations of overwhelming you with pictures!

I believe that too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Even if you pay lots of attention to my kitties when you walk into my apartment, I also understand that that interest stops the minute you walk outside of my door! You don’t want pictures of my cats– unless, of course, it’s on Twitter (#SammySaturday by the way!).

I KNOW they are not your priority. You don’t want to see my cats in party hats. If you do, you look on my Twitter @ModelCarolAlt.

So come the new year I think we need to make a resolution, A New Year’s Resolution, to refrain from sending your kids pictures to everybody you know. Believe me, playing it cool with your kids pictures works just like playing it aloof with a man– the more mysterious they are, the better I like them.

I promise to do the same with my cats……

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