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Your pH and Your Health

By Carol Alt / Post / September 13, 2017

Last night I was having dinner with a group of girlfriends and the subject of health and pH came up. Now I know what you’re thinking, I was the one who brought the subject up, but I absolutely did not! It was interesting for me to take a moment and sit back to listen and hear what the average person is speaking about when it comes to health issues and pH.

First of all, I was quite surprised that nobody knew what pH was or why it was so important! One girl tried to explain the whole concept and its importance and I’ve never laughed so hard in my whole life. Not only did she not make any sense, she never fully finished a sentence. She didn’t really know how to explain it. I thought this might be a good moment to explain pH and its purpose. I’ve got to make a disclaimer here because some people do not believe that the pH of the body changes whatsoever, however, from my own experience I know that it does.

How do I know this? 20 years ago when I took my first pH test (See my previous blog on how to do that!) it was always 5.5. I was so happy! I thought that beautiful yellow color on the litmus paper during the testing was good…

My doctor just shook his head at me. He was fully understanding that by having such a low pH that I was extremely acidic. That meant my body was running acid. My saliva was acidic, my byproducts, mainly urine, were acidic and never deviated from 5.5. I immediately learned that the more blue the litmus paper the better the health of the body. In fact, at that point I had all kinds of health issues. I was struck with headaches, colds and flu, sinus infections, and excess stomach acid. I couldn’t sleep well and then I couldn’t wake up. My doctor told me I needed to balance out the acidity of my body. He also explained that acidic blood did not carry oxygen. Since normal cells metabolize only in the presence of oxygen, it was very important to help my body maintain its health and help my cells maintain their metabolism by neutralizing out my acidity.

I started drinking high pH water, I started eating raw foods- I cut out coffee and alcohol and upped my probiotics. All that helped to make my litmus paper blue! LOL! Now, I have to admit that my litmus paper is not always blue these days, but it’s MAINLY blue. I go through moments where I eat cooked food and my pH changes. I go through moments where I maybe I might like a coffee– I do that once every two weeks– and coffee is so acidic that I have immediate alkaline drop as my acidity rises. As we all know, and I’ve written about in past blogs, coffee not only is acidic in itself, it has an acid reaction in the body. This is unlike lemons, for example, that are acidic but has an alkaline reaction in the body.

The thing is, all this is really confusing and I know that it is. But you have my blogs to refer back to. Take the blogs you like, print them out and keep them handy so that when you do your pH test you have my blog right there telling you how to do it. When you have a question about something being acid or alkaline, my books will help tell you what’s acid and what’s not. I’m giving you everything you need to stay healthy because it’s important to me that you do so.

You don’t want to sit at a dinner and either be receiving the wrong information or saying the wrong information. You don’t want to be the person giving some crazy answers to other people about health questions!

Don’t you shake your head in wonder, just know the truth reading my blogs! We are partners in your health!

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