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Your Health and Your Nails

By Carol Alt / Post / March 7, 2016

I’m sure you never expected those two items to be in the same title, right? I didn’t either. But hey, I’m all about learning new things, and I’d like to pass on a little tip that you might find too good to be true.

While I was shooting my Fox show, A Healthy You, I did an interview with Dr. Robert Bard. Dr. Bard is a radiologist at a premier oncology center in New York City, probably one of the best radiologists in the world. People travel from across the globe to see him. Besides being able to tell whether a tumor is malignant or benign just by looking, or whether a spot on your skin is a mole, wart, melanoma, sunspot, or even a parasite, he’s able to diagnose many potential health issues simply by looking at your fingernails. Your fingernails, who knew?

While I was interviewing him for my show, we were talking about using the nails to diagnose possible and potential illnesses. At one point he looked at mine, and told me I was having a thyroid issue. I was skeptical, simply because I had just been tested specifically for thyroid function and was told mine were functioning optimally. Naturally then, I dismissed his advice. Maybe I had just banged my nail on something. But I noticed more hair loss than normal- so much so that I didn’t like washing it due to the handfuls coming out.

Now you COULD toss this off to hormones, heredity, or stress, but my issue happened to be completely different. In the days following the interview with Dr. Bard, I went to my ortho-bionomist, Gary Lee Williams, for my periodic adjustment. He was working on my neck and noticed that my cervical vertebrae was pushed into something, causing stress on my thyroid. I looked at him, shocked, and said that I’d just been told my nails indicated the same issue! He pushed it back into place and fixed the stress.

So my point here is that sometimes you think you’re doing everything right- my hair test had confirmed what I believed at the time- and I thought I was entirely right, that this test was end-all correct. Dr. bard told me I was having this thyroid issue, and it turns out he was right.

He then went on to tell me that it wasn’t just the thyroid, he could figure out the pathology of many different maladies from the condition of a patient’s nails. For example, he told me that a staggering 6 million people suffer from psoriasis, but that 3 million of those are under-diagnosed. Using nails as early detection, prompt treatment could prevent deforming, severe arthritis. Imagine that arthritis could be avoided, simply by checking your nails. Many people ask me for simple ways to keep healthy; simple ways with immediate results tend to be the most sought-after. So here’s one- check out your nails!

Edited by Jake Layton

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