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Why Are Watery Foods Necessary?

By Carol Alt / Post / July 5, 2017

I know that in the heat of summer we are inclined to drink a little bit more. This would be a good thing, right? Well the problem lies in that while yes, you’re drinking more liquids, it might not necessarily be water! It might be iced coffee, iced tea, pop, or even alcohol. None of these things are looked at by the body as water. I know, they are made of water but they’ve also got a whole host of “other” ingredients. For example, tea and coffee are extremely high in tannins and caffeine, both of which acts as diuretics- and can send water to your colon. Pops are chock full of processed sugar (and artificial sweeteners too)!

Therefore, more water comes out of the body than actually goes in. That being considered, I have another suggestion. In the heat of summer, eat foods that are high in water content. That includes vegetables, fruits, fish. Eat less pasty foods like pasta, rice or potatoes that actually absorb water- also, stay away from table salt. Make sure you have your evaporated sea salt with you at all times.

As you sit down to choose your lunch or dinner, keep in mind some that the foods you choose and their water content, especially in the intense summer heat, can mean the difference between dehydration and otherwise!

I know this is a simple fix, but sometimes the simple fixes are the best.

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