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Whiter Teeth

By Carol Alt / Post / July 3, 2017

So, so many people have asked me how to whiten their teeth. There is so much on the internet about so many different ways to whiten teeth that I thought we could give a quick nod to the topic. While talking the other day, my sister had said she’d read on the internet about strawberries are great to whiten teeth. Do strawberries actually whiten teeth?

Strawberries have malic acid. Malic acid combined with baking soda can, in fact, whiten teeth. That’s just how any acid and base work- they etch away surface stains. They take off discoloration from coffee, tea, wine and dark drinks and fruit drinks, and etc. However, the downside is that malic acid (ANY acid in food really) can eat away at enamel if you do it too often. Baking soda, an abraisive, can scratch the enamel surface of teeth leaving grooves and crevices for bacteria to grow. Of course, strawberries also have sugar. So you need to brush your teeth after putting the strawberry paste on them.

With all these problems, what is a person to do about keeping their teeth white?

I personally try to stay away from any chemicals in my whitening process. All the whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, and whitening gels can possibly weaken the enamel on your teeth making it softer; especially if you are a chronic user. I personally found something called Earthpaste which has no sulfates in it- it’s made entirely of five natural ingredients.

I will admit, Earthpaste actually took some getting used to. It doesn’t get all bubbly and foamy. It is brown, not white, and I find that it works better if you don’t wet it first. As many quirks as it has, my teeth feel amazing, and the dentist has told me my teeth and gums have never been in better shape. My friend Nadine Artemis at Living Libations does a whole lot of great work with teeth. It’s her goal to keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy! You can read her insight on keeping teeth and gums healthy at

When it comes down to it, sugar is bad for your teeth. Don’t brush with sugary strawberries- honestly that’s just ridiculous. Abrasion is bad for your teeth. Try to stay on the more gentle side, toothpastes that aren’t so rough or scratchy. Follow these steps to keep your teeth healthy, and of course, stay natural if possible. I also use food grade hydrogen peroxide in a natural mouthwash. I can almost promise that you will like it better than the “standard” alcohol washes.

Use food grade peroxide- that’s important. It gets pleasantly foamy and both gets into cracks and nooks to knock out particles, as well as helping to kill germs and bacteria. On a washcloth, I pour a little bit of baking soda and lightly rub my teeth. And that is all I do. With baking soda I actually only do it maybe twice a year.

Finally, a little prevention is a good idea. After you drink coffee or fruit juices, wine or anything that you think will stain your teeth like berries, go and brush your teeth! A little prevention will go along way in keeping your teeth white and strong! I hope that answers the question as to what I do to keep my teeth white. What are you willing to do? Let me know at my social media below!

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