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What Is Beta Glucan?

By Carol Alt / Post / December 20, 2017

Beta Glucan is a fiber molecule extracted from many natural sources like oats, barley, baker’s yeast, and mushrooms. Studies show that Beta Glucan can have incredible benefits on the Immune System.

The best term describing Beta Glucan is, immunomodulator. The term immunomodulator is not familiar to most people. The word simply means to influence the Immune System rather than boost it or suppress it. Immunomodulation from Beta Glucan makes the immune system smarter and more responsive, but never causes overstimulation or harm. With most products promoted to benefit the immune system, they are referred to as immune “boosters.” However, immune ‘boosters” can be potentially harmful.

So how does Beta Glucan actually work? Once Beta Glucan is ingested the way it works is quite remarkable. In basic terms, Beta Glucan slowly disperses to the various organs in the body that contain the Immune System. Through a complex mechanism of action, Beta Glucan wakes up resting immune cells. These cells include macrophages, natural killer cells, white blood cells, etc. All human beings have a large percentage of “resting” immune cells. There is no other substance that can “wake up” those resting cells better than pure Beta Glucan.

Who can/should take Beta Glucan? Well, the simple answer is everyone. Anyone who wants to have the best Immune System possible should be taking Beta Glucan. Our Immune Systems were created in an amazing way to help fend off foreign invaders. However, we are up against toxic chemicals, poor air quality, GMO foods, and other dangerous toxins daily. Without proper protection our Immune System will be compromised. This can lead to cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other major health issues.

As mentioned before, there are many different sources of Beta Glucan. Studies are now confirming the purest; most-effective Beta Glucan on the market is Glucan #300 or Transfer Point Beta 1 3D Glucan. This particular Beta Glucan essentially doubles a person’s immune response. Can you imagine the benefit of walking around with a double Immune System? Amazing!

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