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By Carol Alt / Post / December 4, 2017

I know that it’s after Christmas and everybody’s thinking towards exercise because we over ate during the holidays. Here are some new thoughts that might get you up and running!

A few weeks back I wrote about how exercise is very important for healing. It’s a very important step in preventing disease, as well. In fact, it might be one of the most important things we can do to help prevent certain kinds of cancers. My argument just got a boost from Time Magazine that just wrote an article on why you don’t have to exercise every day. Yahoo! wrote about weekend exercise that may be as good as daily workouts. This was all based on a new study. “Weekend warriors” have a 30% lower death rate than people who do not work out at all, so get out there and work out!

Do those who only work out on weekends see the same benefits as someone who works out daily?

Dr. Jordan Metzl, A sports medicine specialist at New York Hospital for Special Surgery, said that doing something on the weekend is better than not doing anything at all. However, he said he’s a huge advocate of doing a little bit of something every day. It is thought that we should be getting around 150 minutes of exercise weekly. That gives us a “medicinal value” of exercise! 150 minutes of moderate density and 75 minutes of a vigorous aerobic workout or an equivalent combination is the weekly goal.

He believes that 10 minutes of high-intensity workout daily is a tremendously helpful, and nearly twice as beneficial than moderate exercise. This means that 15 minutes of high-intensity workout is the equivalent of 30 or 40 minutes of moderate exercise. Check out this CNN article for more!

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, but if you took the medicine of exercise and look at the efficacy of how it helps with your brain, fighting dementia, fighting diabetes, high blood, pressure, heart disease, depression, and 13 different kinds of cancer, perhaps we would approach exercise differently. In other words think of exercise is not just good for you, but as having a medicinal purpose with real and wide ranging results! We’re all so willing to take pills that have side effects just because it’s easy. Exercise is something you can do that is preventative, medicinal, may help in many aspects of our lives- as well as to help us lose that “holiday gain” and keep it off too!

Perhaps we will attack exercise with a new vigor if we now think of it as medicinal!

One final thought: if you’re too busy during the week and don’t get any exercise in, don’t give up! You can do your quota on the weekend and give yourself a 30% boost in your survival rate over those who decide to veg-out on the couch all weekend long.

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