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By Carol Alt / Post / October 11, 2017

Is it immediate results you want?

Okay, I know- last weeks blog might’ve flipped you out because you have to change your diet and maybe cut out some things that you really like to eat! So I’m going to give you the super-duper fastest way to get rid of inflammation your body. It’s pretty simple, read Reverse Aging by Sang Whang!

No time for that? Then I’m going to give you a quick little synopsis of what he says. I know everybody is stressing the importance of water. They sell you bottled water that is not filtered and “bottled at the source.” I know this is good enough for some people, but this is not good enough for me after reading Dr. Sang Whang’s book, Reverse Aging, and learning that aging is an inflammatory disease.

He touts the benefits of water- not just any water, filtered alkaline water. The definition of alkaline water is water that’s less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.

According to Sang, it takes 35 cups of alkaline water to neutralize one cup of coffee or cola! Just a little reminder of what 1 cup is- the cooking measurement, not the big tall glass. Eight ounces. Who drinks only one cup of anything? You can imagine if you’re drinking Coke or coffee all day every day you would need 35 cups of alkaline water per 8 oz. cup of coffee to neutralize that out. Darling, that’s no venti! Even worse, that’s just to neutralize that cup of coffee. We’re not talking about neutralizing the acid already in your body.

Of course, if you’re not eating raw foods to compliment your alkaline water (see Blog 3 on raw food) you could need the extra help alkaline water affords! If you’re just drinking regular water, there’s a high possibility that you’re drinking either balanced water or acid water- both of which are unable to neutralize acids.

Can you imagine how acidic our bodies are? Our bodies create lots and lots of different acid and no alkaline. So alkaline has to be introduce through an outside source! Chronic Inflammation that gets C-reactive proteins going (like an acidic tooth condition) should be taken care of first- relive the condition then the residual acid should be neutralized in any way possible! If you’re on any prescription drugs for any kind of disease, most likely you are inflamed. Chemo anyone?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying stop your medication– on the contrary- I’m saying start drinking alkaline water and see if you get any results, then go to your doctor and see what he says about lowering doses. Could be a good test, no?

Anyway, the reason Sang calls his book Reverse Aging is because aging is an inflammatory disease. He discusses water in this light as well, as alkaline waters can help to soften or even slow the effects of aging! I imagine an old age where I have no disease, take no prescription drugs, and have no aches, no pains. Just a soft walking into the twilight! That’s my dream.

Sang says if you drink alkaline water every day for two months, you should get results! That’s how powerful alkaline water is: you should start seeing results in as little as 2 months!

The only words of caution I can think of- and this is stretching it- is the following. You should cycle off of your alkaline water after 2 months for a bit and then you should start again. Cycling off the water is to make sure you don’t get too alkaline.

How do you know you’re too alkaline? Depression and lethargy, moodiness and laziness are signs that you’re too alkaline. If you’re lazy, it just might also be because you’re lazy – but if laziness is unusual for you, If you have no energy, you could be too alkaline. It helps to be somewhat in touch with your body; but even I forget when I get tired or depressed that I might’ve had too much alkaline water. Another good tip is to not drink water with meals (have it there in case you need it) and don’t drink anything while eating, it dilutes your ability to digest food because it dilutes your stomach acids. Alkaline water will have even more of an effect on neutralizing these acids. Of course, you should not want to neutralize stomach acids if you’re eating!

How do you make getting alkaline water easier and less costly? I put an ionizer on my sink. This way I don’t have to buy my water and carry it home in bottles. It’s pennies on the dollar to make your own alkaline water, the machine ends up paying for itself. Basically what I’m told is that what an ionizer does is it separates the alkaline water from the acid water by separating alkalizing minerals and acidifying minerals.

You can see it in action, there are two faucets, one for alkaline water and the other for acidic. The way that it creates the alkaline water is that inside the ionizer the minerals are separated out by magnetic panels, creating acid minerals separated from alkaline minerals. Remember when I talked about supplements and I told you that my boyfriend and I had two different supplement regimens because I’m very acidic I needed alkaline supplements and he was very alkaline so he needs acid supplements? (Blog 2 Supplements)

It’s the same with the water. It is separated by the alkalinity or acidity of the minerals. The great thing about water is it starts working right away. You get results really quickly. And with cancer, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Also, request your library to bring in my books to help you learn to eat raw, find recipes, understand why raw foods are more nutritious for you and to learn other protocols not mentioned in my blogs.

Eating in the Raw
Easy, Sexy Raw
A Healthy You

*thank you to Dr Gonzalez’ wife, Mary Beth Gonzalez for not just tirelessly continuing his work, but for helping me with this blog!

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