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Walking for a Cure is Baloney

By Carol Alt / Post / August 31, 2016

Many of you will not agree with me on this blog. Some of you might even be angry, or offended. But the things I say and the things I mention aren’t meant to harm, they’re meant to inform. Just keep that in mind.

It’s extremely interesting to note just how many people are gung-ho about donating to causes that end up giving less that 20% of their earnings to the actual charity. This comes from a person who hosts many benefits, and has given up much of her time and energy and money to vetted, noble causes. It’s indicative of a wider problem, and the greed of people is tantamount to criminal conduct in some situations.

I saw a sign last week while driving. It said “Walk for a Cure for ALS.” There’s a walk for everything. There’s a walk for this or that cancer, a walk for this or that cure… The truth of the matter is I don’t believe any of these charities that throw huge events and “walks” actually want to find a cure. You’d call me cynical, but that’s reasonable, as I AM cynical. You want to know why?

Let me tell you a story about a girl. I will change names here to maintain privacy, and leave out identifying details as this isn’t my story. “Joan,” the girlfriend of mine involved, said she wasn’t feeling well one day. She went out to a doctor after a particularly bad day, only to find out that she was afflicted by “X” disease. Not understanding what X was, she went out and found a specialist in X disease. He told her that several medications were available, all of which would hurt her liver and end in her dragging out her death from X. Crying and freaking out (understandably), Joan went and did her own research. She found options like vitamin C drips and others that were supposedly showing promising results in treating X.

At her next specialist visit, she asked about these alternative programs. He looked Joan in the face and said “Don’t you get it? You’re going to die an awful death anyway, you might as well get used to that right now. You have MAYBE eight terrible years, and I’m doing you a favor telling you this.”

Devastated but not one to give up on finding a cure, Joan went to one of the alternative doctors and found a girl while there known as the “face” of X disease. She was a famous model working with the X Foundation, as their celebrity spokesperson. She told Joan about another doctor who had wanted to do clinical tests on a vaccine that he had developed, that could possibly slow or stop the disease entirely. He had asked this model to bring eight people to the trial, and Joan jumped at the chance to join.

So eight people decided to participate in this clinical trial for the X vaccine. Only two of them actually got on the plane. The other six decided they didn’t want to go through the expense of flying, or any number of other excuses. To this day I’m not sure what kind of excuse could possibly justify not getting on that plane.

The six that didn’t go are since dead of X disease. The model and Joan returned and survived, still kicking and healthy. When the model for the X Foundation returned, saying “Look how good I feel and look, we’ve found a cure for X,” their response was: “You’re fired.”

She tells people she was fired because she looked too good. She didn’t look sad or unhealthy enough to be the face of X, and she wouldn’t make them any money looking so healthy. In short, now that she was cured, no one felt sorry. Shocked and devastated, she left their offices.

That started me thinking. The more you dig into a foundation the more you begin to realize that it may not exactly be what it seems on the outside, or with the commercials and events they throw. It’s the reason that today, I only raise money for the Tony Alt Memorial Foundation, Inc., and the 9/11 Foundation. I know where my money goes. I know the children, the families, and the communities it helps. My shameless plug of TAMFI aside, I can’t believe that a charter company like the American Cancer Society can just close their doors after making $3-4 billion per year. Being a charter company, they would HAVE to close their doors if a cure was found. It tends to be bad for business when your goal causes you to close down, so why not pad those pockets and put on a big show instead?

I like to think I’ve tried just about every “cure” out there. None of them come through traditional charity channels. It comes from alternative, out-of-the-box thinkers not supported by mainstream charitable funds. So if you really want to help people and you really want to raise money, raise that money for alternative doctors.

They’re the ones literally dying for their causes. Check out THIS link and THIS link and THIS link. What a crazy world we live in.

What do YOU think about these foundations and charities?

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