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Understanding Life as Electromagnetic by Camilla Rees

By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / February 3, 2015

Did you catch Camilla testing out the electronics in Carol’s apartment on A Healthy You this past weekend?  Pretty crazy stuff!  This can be a confusing topic so we invited Camilla to explain more:

We Are Electromagnetic. First, recognize that your body is fundamentally electromagnetic, and thus vulnerable to outside sources of artificial electromagnetic fields. The brain, heart and nervous system are the most obviously electromagnetic, but every single cell has an electrical charge, and the functioning of the components of each cell is based on electricity and electron transfers. One of the best early classics on this subject is “The Body Electric”, by Robert Becker.

Natural Rhythms. Appreciate the body’s need to keep all systems working harmoniously for optimal functioning, including by synchronizing with natural cycles and rhythms, within and external to the body. Science has shown we don’t just exist ‘on’ the Earth, separate from it, but live in an ecosystem with it—and we benefit from an active relationship. The more we connect ourselves with the ‘greater whole’, for example, connected to nature, or to the electrons of the Earth, or to the larger energetic field in which we live, the greater physiological and electromagnetic stability this brings.

Minimize Disruptive Frequencies. Due to sensitivity of our cells and regulation systems to outside energies, it is important to actively minimize exposures to disruptive man-made electromagnetic fields of all kinds: electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty power, radiofrequency fields, microwaves and ‘ionizing’ radiation, such as X-rays and nuclear power. This means minimizing the use of cell phones and wireless technologies! Our bodies are today are attempting to function in an entirely different milieu than the one in which most adults were raised, and many are struggling. Almost 7 billion people use a cell phone today, whereas in the early 1990s most people didn’t own a cell phone. There are now billions of WiFi hotspots globally, and millions of cell towers radiating the planet. The biology of humans and animals alike are being stressed from these pulsing electromagnetic fields. It is important to minimize exposures, and it is smart to also simultaneously take proactive steps to support your own electromagnetic health.

Preserve Your Health. Is it any wonder that the incidence of chronic illness has accelerated since the early 1990s along side the rapid proliferation of wireless technologies? I think not. There exists over a half century of scientific evidence—thousands of studies —showing risks from both short-term and prolonged exposures to non-thermal electromagnetic fields from military, industrial and medical research. And there is evidence, according to the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)  in 2011, that wireless radiation is potentially carcinogenic. We have clear and strong evidence that intensive use of cell phones increases the risk of brain cancer, tumors of the auditory nerve and cancer of the salivary gland. Young people who start using cell phones heavily before age 20 have four to five times more risk of brain cancer by their late 20s. And while the long-term risks of irradiating children in schools is not known, we do know that children exposed to wireless technologies have documented impacts on cognitive function, attention, memory, perception, energy, emotions and social skills, as well as increased stress proteins, cardiac irregularities and inability to focus on complex and long-term tasks. Of course, with all these RF exposures, there is also DNA damage occurring with potential consequences for future generations.

Besides minimizing electromagnetic field exposures at every opportunity, such as by using land-line phones, hard-wired internet and computer connections, and shielding oneself from neighborhood antennas and other exposures, it is wise to also add into one’s life activities and experiences that can restore electromagnetic health. For example, moving the body, getting sunshine, expressing yourself, varying routines, using the breath, such as in swimming, singing or meditation, interacting with people, belonging to communities, living with full integrity, and, of course, giving and receiving love. More than ever, we need to be focused on cultivating health.

No One is Immune to the RF Biological Effects. Increasing evidence in cell studies, blood tests, microscopy, saliva tests and skin-resistance testing shows that all people respond biologically to electromagnetic fields, whether or not they experience symptoms. One’s body perceives these fields as a stressor. The biological effects may occur quickly, or slowly, and efficiently, or inefficiently, depending on the type of field, its frequency and strength, but the changes are happening all the same.

Be wise. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are invulnerable. Or go into denial. Face the reality of the non-stop proliferation of electromagnetic fields head on and act responsibly to protect yourself and your families.

Importantly, if you take pharmaceutical drugs, know there is evidence electromagnetic fields can impact drug action. Pulse-modulated RF signals can instantaneous increase nitric oxide, inhibiting cytochrome P450 enzymes, well known to metabolize drugs, for example. This is an area crying for further research. Stay alert to the possibility of variability in medication results if you find yourself in wireless environments.


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