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By Carol Alt / Post / November 29, 2017

Many of my friends ask me if I know about the healing properties of turmeric. I may sound like a “know-it-all,” but I’ve known about the benefits of turmeric for a long, long time and have been taking capsules of it for years. I don’t deny that belief in their healing properties is paramount to them remaining in my protocol.

This really boils down into one idea. It’s not a “cure-all,” but it helps. See, the thing is that no one pill is a miracle pill. No one fruit is a miracle antioxidant-bearing fruit. No one vegetable is a cancer curing veggie. No one little thing that you do healthy is going to counteract all the unhealthy things you’re doing.

Just think about it.

You get up in the morning you eat a sugar and fat laden muffin and drink a cup of acid coffee (we’ve already talked about the fact that cancer loves an acid system – so let’s keep putting acid into your acid system). You eat a snack around 11 o’clock, you have bread, maybe a glass of wine with lunch when you eat your gluten and sugary pasta covered with acid forming tomato sauce, you have a little somethin’-somethin’ in the middle afternoon, and then you go home and have the same cooked dinner. How many health benefits do you think you get from this? Even if your dinner is a boiled chicken with boiled broccoli (go and read my blogs on what I feel about chicken- organic or otherwise), you’re still throwing it away with the unhealthiness. Anyway, the point is that “you HAVE what you DO.” I had to learn this the hard way, but I learned it nonetheless. Maybe it’s my version of “you reap what you sow.”

You gain health by doing healthy things. So if you do healthy things 90% of the day and bad things 10% of the day, you’ll have 90% health and 10% problems. But if you do unhealthy things most of the time, I believe, as you get older you will have more and more problems. Yes, I believe it’s just that simple. What is difficult is knowing what is right and wrong for you and what the right protocols are.

This is why I write my blogs; this is why I write my books.

They are a labor of love for you, my readers, my friends, and my fans. I believe in a healthy world. I believe in the world where health is a choice- in other words, you get fit and healthy through the choices that you make. It’s hard to know what choices to make, so keep reading my friends, and I will steer you in the right direction! And if you want to take turmeric, at least mix it in with cold-pressed olive oil, Udo’s Choice oil, and sea salt for fresh and healthy dressing, instead of a bottled dressing. In this new year where so many people have pledged to have better health and to do what they need to do to get better health, let me offer up my humble blogs as a roadmap to help you through the mire of misinformation.

I was able to save my life with this info that I found and that I publish– take from that what you want.

Also, request your library to bring in my books to help you learn to eat healthier! Find raw recipes, understand why raw foods are more nutritious for you and to learn other protocols not mentioned in my blogs.

Eating in the Raw
Easy, Sexy Raw
A Healthy You

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