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By Carol Alt / Post / September 12, 2016

I have long been talking about the dangers of toothpaste. Today on CBS news, it became a topic of discussion as well. Now my distrust of companies isn’t just limited to food producers or medical doctors, it extends to toothpaste companies too. Why? It’s simple, and it’s just about the same reason as the rest. They’re in it just to sell toothpaste, and they don’t really care about our well-being.

I can come to this conclusion, as ingredients like sodiul lauryl and laureth sulfates are still in toothpastes even though they’re irritating to the skin. Those two, and a few other ingredients, are the reason your toothpaste says “DO NOT SWALLOW” on the package, even though they’re directly in your mouth and absorbed by your gums. It’s what makes toothpaste sudsy and foamy, and the CBS special I mentioned specifically addressed the FDA telling toothpaste companies to “clean up their act” in regards to ingredients. The only problem here is that they ONLY focused on triclosan, an antibacterial/antifungal agent that also has no business being in our mouths, but they focused solely on it, not the host of additional things that could be wrong.

Check out this infographic for more.

Oftentimes, posts like this sound like complaints. However, I prefer to give solutions to problems, instead of just whining about the problems. Now there’s nothing we can do about sudsy toothpaste being unhealthy. That’s a fact pretty much guaranteed by any “sudsy” ingredients being bad for us. We CAN, however, find a solution to unhealthy toothpaste in general. I’ve put together a list of alternatives, and the only downsides are in what you’re used to. All of these are far better options than traditional pastes.

Earthpaste was the first one I found in my local health food store. It’s weird. I’ve had the best dental checkups EVER, and I mean that, since I’ve started using it. The only issue? Well it’s brown, and it doesn’t get foamy. It’s kinda weird to use, but it works PHENOMENALLY.

You could try baking soda and food grade hydrogen peroxide. I did this for a while, but the baking soda always felt a little too rough for my liking. Too abrasive. To combat that, I’d just usually let it melt on my tongue first. Otherwise, it seemed to work perfectly well from a cleaning perspective.

After trying both of these, I met a girl named Nadine up in Canada. Her company, Living Libations, has some fabulous natural toothpastes as well. They not only clean, but they promote health in gums, mucuous membranes, and stimulate the inside of your mouth! They’re also made with essential oils, and they taste better than the rest, and definitely better than peroxide and baking soda. Now any toothpaste like this doesn’t taste GREAT, but it comes with the territory. For me, it’s definitely worth the health of my mouth. I hope this helped in your search for health, and it’s amazing to see every little thing we do adding up, whether we’re healthy overall or not. I love sharing what I find, and helping others at the same time.

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