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The Inauguration- My First!

By Carol Alt / Post / January 23, 2017

I know usually write about health and well-being; and even sometimes I write about beauty. But I know that beauty comes from being healthy, so they kind of go hand-in-hand. Today though I’m gonna write about my weekend at the presidential inauguration.

As everybody knows, I’ve known Donald Trump for 36 years. I have taken him to his first hockey game where we sat right behind the goalie– I even did his Trump ads for his airline. I did Celebrity Apprentice (my season is re-running right now on NBC), and I also went to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant. Donald has been a constant figure in my life. Funny enough, I even remember when my ex-husband wrote him a letter and said in the newspaper how amazing it was that he finished the ice rink in Central Park, when the city couldn’t pull it off.

As usual, Donald stepped in and finished it in a matter of minutes. Well not really minutes, but you understand what I mean! You can imagine that I wanted to be somewhere in Washington when he was being inaugurated, mainly because this is very historic. It’s also unprecedented and incredible- and I say that without judgment. I can’t imagine that he’s not pitching himself every day.

Anyway, I was contacted to go down with the Creative Coalition, but not by Donald trumps office. That was kind of depressing for me since I have been in the papers speaking about Donald (again without judgment) anytime I went to a red carpet. Anyway, I went with the Creative Coalition, but not by his invitation. I went because as with every new president, the first thing they want to cut is the National Endowment of the Arts.

It’s amazing that everybody always wants to cut the NEA’s budget. I mean, it’s amazing because the NEA raises so many tax dollars. For every one dollar spent for the NEA, 7 dollars is raised in tax revenue. That’s in every city in the United States. Because if you go to a theater show, you take a hotel room, you drive taxis, you eat dinner, you buy tickets, they pay the actors– with real dollars that are raised in tax revenue. We’re surrounded by this all the time, and people like Donald are constantly, unceasingly exposed to it.

Look at the amazing buildings he builds and how he decorates them. Extravagant. Anyway, I went down to see if I could help, and in the meantime had a whole lotta fun.

I went with Tim Daly, Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, Alysia Reiner from Orange is the New Black, Jackie Cruz also from Orange is the New Black, and Jeff Arant from Madame Secretary. I also met Dean Norris from Breaking Bad, Mae Whitman, and Peter Thomas Roth from the Peter Thomas Roth skin care line. I stayed in the fabulously and infamously historic Watergate Hotel. It was gorgeous, and I had an amazing suite. Not bad for a last-minute invitation and reservation. The Watergate Hotel was amazing.

We went to lunches and overlooked the parade from that warmth of a balcony while it was raining. Even Melania had to walk in the rain while I watched from the warmth of a balcony.

LOL– I’m just saying.

I saw all the garbage trucks filled with sand blockading the streets and the protests. And then I went to a fabulous ball and I listened to the Blues Travelers. I didn’t even know how much I liked them! Anyway, it was a fabulous weekend. I even saw my ex-boss Bill Shine from Fox news and his beautiful wife Darla. Even the train ride back was a train ride of heavy hitters! Even so early in the morning I ran into Bo Dietl and Geraldo Rivera!

Isn’t it a great life?

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