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By Carol Alt / Post / November 13, 2017

In my search for anything I could do in place of chemotherapy, I heard a doctor speak about Bio Research Labs and the possibility that “tumors support the growth of tumor-specific bacteria” – really? This is the first time I had come across this idea, and not that I’m the definitive word on cancer or what’s out there – it’s just that I do a lot of research for my own education as well.

So I thought The cancer – bacteria connection needed to be researched.

I found Bio Research Labs online and called and spoke to a gentleman named Chris. Chris was immediately responsive and told me exactly what I had to do, which mainly was to send a urine sample. In return, I received a book, because the work they do is based on the work of Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler. The book is her story about her work, as written by Edmond G. Addeo (You might want to read the book: The Woman Who Cured Cancer. Edmond G. Addeo. Basic Health Publications, Inc. 2014).

What I learned about Chris is that he wanted everyone to understand what this therapy is and how it works (which is why he sent the book). He sounded very proud of the work they do.

It’s hard to write this blog in less scientific terms, so I hope I can achieve this. It’s important to me that I correctly represent the amazing work that went into this protocol. At the same time, I know you need to understand it, so please bear with me because I periodically ‘splain in Englase….

According to Bio Research Labs: “Tumor-Specific Immunotherapy is based on the development of an immunotherapy regimen that targets a tumor-associated bacterium that incites cancer cells to excrete a growth hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hCG hormone inhibits the expression of tumor-specific antigens by the tumor cells that would normally arouse the immune system to send out natural immune protection, thereby protecting the body. ”

Ooof! That’s a mouthful.

In Carol words: “The tumor has bacteria that sends out something called hCG which tells the body: ‘Don’t look here!’ So because the body doesn’t look, it doesn’t see the tumor so it doesn’t attack it.”

According to Bio Research Labs: “John J. Majnarich, PhD, President and Chief Scientist of Bio Research Laboratories, Inc. (BRL), has been working in the field of applied cancer immunotherapy for more than 40 years. Dr. Majnarich collaborated with Dr. Virginia Livingston (MD) until Dr. Livingston passed away in 1990. Together, Drs. Majnarich and Livingston managed cancer patients by the use of Tumor-Specific Immunotherapy, an innovative approach that yielded clinical remissions and cures for a majority of those treated to date.”

Carol Says: “The basis of the treatment is to create a tumor/person specific antidote getting rid of hCG so the tumor can alert the body of its existence and the body can attack!”

Bio research Labs Says: “Dr. Livingston operated a specialty clinic with an out-patient treatment center that employed a combination of immunotherapy, diet and nutritional supplements to provide total patient support, with a clear objective of cure.”

Carol says: “Read blog #2 that I wrote about healthy foods, and blog #3 about supplements and enzymes. This is the basis of any good protocol anyway.”

Bio Research Labs Says: “The core technology for the Livingston/Majnarich immunotherapy regimen is based on the development of a treatment produced in response to certain bacteria that grow in the microenvironment of the tumor. These nasty little bacteria incite the production of hCG by the tumor. The bacteria and the associated hCG are specific to an individual patient’s cancer cells. Importantly, the hCG produced by the developing tumor stops the tumor from expressing antigens that would alert the body to kill the tumor, thereby allowing the tumor to continue to grow.”

Carol says: “You need your antigens! So kill off this HcG causing bacteria and let’s, hopefully, get well!”

Bio Research Labs: |By exploiting this observation, the Lab is able to offer a therapeutic strategy for management of the immunogenicity of a tumor for the benefit of the host’s body, hopefully destroying the tumor. Dr. Majnarich’s therapeutic strategy is based on complex interactions that involve control of:

1. Tumor-specific microbes and their induction of hCG expression in the tumor microenvironment;

2. The expression of tumor-specific antigens by the tumor; and,

3. Inflammatory processes that incite carcinogenesis.”

Carol says: “Blah, blah, blah! Science talk for: Send your urine, see if you have HCG in it. And if you do, allow the lab to make your very own cure!”

So, why haven’t they been curing cancer before this? Although Drs. Livingston and Majnarich made key observations of these complex relationships more than several decades ago, advances in biotechnology, including in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics, now allow their historically-valid findings to become a useful therapy that influences the expression of tumor-specific antigens by controlling tumor-specific microbes and hormones.

They then employ tumor-specific and patient-specific immunotherapy for cancer treatment. All very personalized.

Carol Says: “The science is better, and more specific now. So the cure, which they had before, is, according to them, more awesome and very personalized! This all sounds well and good, if you’re still with me, but I had some specific questions related to a human being and the fears they have when starting a new therapy.” So I asked direct questions of Bio Research. “Is there anyone who DIDN’T get favorable results from this immunotherapy?”

Bio Research Labs were very honest: “Of course there are clients who in the end didn’t receive any benefit. We usually don’t meet directly with our clients, and rely on their own review of our offering and of their current disease state, often along with input from their own medical practitioners. And some clients just come to us too late. We do work with people who have late Stage 4 cancer, and some have died a few weeks after starting the treatment. However, one of our long-term survivors is a gentleman who had stage 4 melanoma 30 years ago. Who reached out to us few years back about his prostate cancer, and was happy to find us still providing this treatment.”

Carol asks: “Who is the best candidate for this therapy?”

BRL response: “What we advise for maximum benefit is a person with an intact immune system, with a forecast of at least three month’s survival, which is the length of our first round of immunotherapy. Also, with our focus on the intersection of hCG, bacteria and malignancy, we have better results with solid tumors that have been associated with hCG as a factor in their growth.”

Carol asks: “What if I had chemo already? Or if the tumor has already been removed?”

BRL responds: “Cancer surgery has a whole set of risks of its own, including leaving some cancer cells behind that can seed future growth. And with respect to those who have had chemotherapy prior to use of this immunotherapy, a number of users have had one or two episodes of recurrence after their oncologists told them they were all clear. In both cases, post-surgery and following chemotherapy, this immunotherapy goes after the ROOT cause of tumor growth, and systematically sets your immune system to reject tumor growth.”

Carol says: “Awesome,” then asks “Can you name any specific cancers?”

“The scientific literature puts 50 of the roughly 100 types of cancer in this category (We are working on a specific list, but still have more science papers to comb through before we complete our definitive list.) From our experience and knowledge of the relationship of hCG and malignancy, of the most common cancers: Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon and Rectal Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Thyroid Cancer, it is only the human blood cancers that are not addressable by our treatment. Though one must remember that the stage of cancer at the beginning of this treatment makes a big difference in the outcome.”

Carol says: “I’m not waiting…”

But you can call the number below and ask your own personal questions and present your own personal case. You can also see if your cancer is already on the list! If you are interested in more information contact Bio Research Laboratories, Inc., email or call +1-425-869-4224.

Anyway, all my blogs are just food for thought and discussions on how powerful integrative therapies can be in fighting cancer!

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