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The EPA’s Sleight of Hand

By Carol Alt / Post / October 17, 2016

This weekend I attended the The Truth about Cancer Ultimate LIVE Symposium as a presenter. Mike Adams of the CWC also came to present, and spoke on something called biosludge. I’d heard of the term before, but what he told me they do with it now frankly shocked me. Somehow it’s always a surprise just how stupid and/or greedy some people can be. Now I say stupid only because I can’t believe that anyone with any sort of brains at all would do what I’m about to tell you they’re doing. Greed seems to outweigh any sort of self-preservation that would have saved their health, and that’s some unprecedented greed. So what evil am I speaking of?

This country deals with a LOT of toxic waste water, run off, and pollution. In the 1990’s, under President Clinton, state law requirements about what defined a toxic byproduct was significantly loosened, allowing companies to distribute this sludge.

Hold up. Distribute? Who wants biosludge?

As it turns out, farmers do. Technically the “biosolids” I’m talking about here involves a type of treated sewage, but it’s disgusting nonetheless. Farmers are getting their free biosludge as a subsidy from the government, which seems like a good idea in theory. Cities helping farmers is good right? In actuality, this is more dangerous than you’d assume. The cities are, in essence, dumping toxic human byproducts and waste onto our farmland, thinking that it’s a good way to recycle. They’re dressing this up pretty as organic, free fertilizer.

Why would you knowingly grow our food in your own toxic waste? I figure it’s mostly because you don’t know it’s your own waste coming back to haunt you. It’s called creative, PR-friendly names like: Dillo dirt (Texas), Milorganite (Milwaukee), and Garden Care. It’s sold as 100% natural and organic environment and eco-friendly fertilizer. Use of these products can result in harm to animal life in as little as days after dumping it. It can cause rashes and other less-than-fun symptoms in children as well, and the smell. OH the smell. That’s the lovely scent of unseemly chemicals offgassing. Great, right?

Just imagine living with sewage spread right outside your window. Ridiculous. Now a main concern may be about why exactly the sludge is so toxic. Human feces is just broken-down digested food, right? Part of it, yes, is food. But just think about all of the things you put in your toilet. Paper, birth control, prescriptions, cleaners, and etc. ALL go down the porcelain throne. This is processed and reclaimed as this biosludge, then sold as fertilizers to the farms that grow the food we get to eat. Yum! Nothing like taking your wife’s birth control in your salad, or your neighbor’s statin prescription on a sandwich!

MY sandwich, you ask? Well animals aren’t immune. All of the toxic heavy metal, pesticide, and medical waste is spread throughout the water table. Your animals drink it and it becomes part of them, as well! That’s a hell of a cycle, or should I say a recycle!

Why don’t they warn us? Technically they DO. The disclaimer is always written on the packaging, usually near the bottom of the box/bag/what have you. It’s that ubiquitous “This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, etc…” Usually though, as we’re a society driven by marketing and big shiny pictures, it’s forgotten because of the fancy other things the packaging claims. Organic? Great. Eco-friendly? Great. That doesn’t make the fact that the little tiny haunting warning is still there.

This sludge has even been used as fertilizer inside cities. They’ve spread it in parks, playgrounds, retention basins, soccer fields, and anywhere else that needs grass. Being that I LIVE in a city, it’s even more surprising that this can directly affect me here in the heart of this crazy concrete jungle. It’s true, and it happens. California produces ⅓ of the nation’s food, and yet they reclaim industrial wastewater and sewage filled with heavy metals and other harmful byproducts. This, in turn, leads to antibiotic-resistant pathogens and massive toxic algal blooms that kill fish in enormous numbers. But wait, I just heard about all of this on the news! They say that they don’t know what’s causing it, but this all sounds familiar- it’s the biosludge!

Why doesn’t someone stop this? Here’s the problem. That somebody is each and every one of you fellow humans. There’s no one else. City leaders and politicians get kickbacks from producers of this sludge, so they’ve got no incentive to stop poisoning the land. Like I said, their stupidity is eclipsed only by their greed. There may be solutions, but they’re all too cheap to try them. Why would they cut a source of income for themselves? We need something that can rid us of these sewage issues, but also comes cheaper than processing it into biosludge. It’s the only way, really, and it’s much more of a pressing concern than people give it credit for. We need bioremediation FAST to clean the soil, as these byproducts and toxic wastes can stay in the ground for centuries otherwise. If we don’t stop this, we won’t survive. Period.

If you’re going to buy a farm or property to grow your own veggies, have your soil tested at CWC labs to make sure there wasn’t sludge dumped. This stuff doesn’t go away so easily. Check your land and your fertilizer, and know you’re doing a good thing.

Since it recently became illegal to call something “certified organic” when grown with biosludge, where do YOU get your healthy food? Let me know in the comments!

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