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The Domino Effect

By Carol Alt / Post / February 13, 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard of this “domino effect,” but you may not be so clear as to how it can affect your health. Much like a row of dominoes, if you push the first one down the whole bunch falls, one by one in orderly succession. I found that to be the same with health.

The first domino is when we are younger and we eat poorly. That fast food is the first of many dominoes. Because we don’t see any immediate consequences (because only one domino falls), we think it’s OK to do the next bad thing. The next thing could be alcohol, and then maybe smoking, and then aspirin… NyQuil to fall asleep, coffee to wake up, and continuously eating cooked food rather than healthy raw vegetables or salad with cold pressed oils- all of these are the dominoes. So, you see how it goes?

On the other end it starts with the first question. That question usually is: what did I do to become unhealty (or have wrinkled or fat or health issues)? It starts really with that first aspirin. Or that first allergy medicine. We decide not to naturally heal ourselves when our bodies are telling us we have an issue. Believe me, allergies and headaches are clear indicators that our bodies are unbalanced somehow.

What is our response? Instead of working with the body, we fight against it. We take a pill instead of drinking water when we have a headache. Or we take a pill instead of systematically cutting out foods to see which one is causing our allergies- since food can be a cause of environmental allergies on its own!

If we were clean bodies, eating clean food, little things in the air wouldn’t bother us. I know this sounds harsh but I’ve been watching my sister Christine fast (of sorts) for the last year(!!!) to clean herself out of many of the allergies she didn’t even know she had.

She really is my new hero. It’s hard enough to cut out, say, peanuts, for a month and eat all raw foods and then introduce peanuts again, but to do it for a year with a list of foods is a whole level above and beyond. She found out that she was allergic to just about everything: eggs, cheese, chicken and turkey! She was basically eating salad and fish and nuts for year. At the same time she’s doing a Candida cleanse- so no sugar.

Why am I telling you this? It’s just so you understand that with a little bit of work and dedication, not only can we feel a lot better, but you can realize that the domino effect can be thwarted. We just have to know when the first domino is falling and take the appropriate countermeasures.

In other words: if you eat that fast food one day, eat raw food and healthy food for the rest of the week. If you want to take that aspirin, try drinking water. If you start to feel allergies, try cutting out things like wheat, coffee, and other chemical-laden products to see if that helps. I guess what I’m saying is we all choose what’s important to us. For my sister it was more important to be healthy than to eat sugar, chicken, or turkey for a year. For me it was more important to be healthy for the last 21 years then to eat cooked food whenever I wanted to.

You have to choose what’s important to you.

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