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The Catch-22 of Hormones and Stress

By Carol Alt / Post / November 1, 2017

Hormones are the most insidious cause of disease; and I say insidious because many times they’re the result of stress. In my life, I’ve learned that everyone who has stress believes the same thing. Everybody who is stressed believes they’re handling it. From my sister to myself, we both believe that even though we’re highly stressed, and in highly stressful jobs, it’s not affecting us. I even have friends who actually look for stress, who go out and create it themselves. I call these people “drama queens.” They take the simplest job and turn it into something completely dramatic.

I’ve cut these people out of my life. Because controlling MY stress is hard enough. I don’t need to be surrounded by theirs. Stress junkies are usually almost always battling inflammatory diseases, like I’ve discussed here, here, and here. When it comes to hormones, though, it’s a whole other story. We create hormones, and we ingest hormones. The ingested sort are the ones I’m concerned about primarily here.

These xenoestrogens (foreign substances that imitate estrogen) are wreaking havoc in our lives because we’re ingesting them all the time! We eat them, we drink them, we breathe them and we rub it onto our skin with skincare and beauty products! It may sound like it’s almost impossible to cut these estrogens out of our lives. If we are aware of where they are, we can avoid those things that have it.

For example- we eat hormones. I should say “we eat it for breakfast!” Livestock animals like chicken and beef are often supplemented with hormones to increase growth and muscle mass. Let me start with the chickens first. I tell people the chickens are fast growing animals. Their maturation is quick, and they grow from a baby to an adult in around six months. For reference, humans do it in an average of 13 years. Generally, when I say this to people, the first response I get back is “well, not the chicken I eat, I eat organic chicken.”

What part of “naturally” am I really not getting across? Let me stay it again.

They grow from an egg to an egg layer really FAST, NATURALLY! And because they’re female, that’s with the help of estrogen. But when they’re fed hormones, they grow from a baby to an adult in three months. Yes, that’s good for commercialism, but not good for our 10-year-old girl who is experiencing puberty early due to the xenoestrogen in her diet. Why is she eating so much chicken? It’s cheap and people think it’s less fattening than other foods. Oh yeah, I can’t forget that it tastes good.

I found chicken to be so toxic for me that when I detoxed it out, I would literally crave chicken. Especially when I was fasting. My doctor said the chicken was so toxic in my system that it was breaking away from my liver and circulating in my blood to my brain and spurring memories and desire. The body is so cool, isn’t it?

Another cause has been highly publicized by the singer, Cheryl Crow, who got breast cancer. She believed that leaving water bottles in her hot car leached chemicals into the water and caused the cancer. By the way, there are xenoestrogens in our tap water as well. So yes, our water supply is one place that we should look at when dealing with xenoestrogens (pronounced “zeeno,” meaning foreign)

(Check out Blog 4 on water.)

My response to estrogens in my water and in my plastic bottles is to put a filter on my sink. I also added an ionizer so that I can make alkaline water. The cost initially is prohibitive. A really good filter and ionizer can cost about $2500. But ultimately I save that money right off the bat because I don’t have to buy, ship or carry expensive bottles of water home from the grocery store. Just think about that: for the rest of my life I will have the filter! Imagine how many bottles of water that is!

The other thing that we drink is coffee. I almost forgot this until I was talking with my girlfriend who is suffering from a female reproductive cancer. You know, I love coffee, so I suffer when I don’t drink it. But I also understand that coffee stresses the adrenal glands. The adrenals create adrenaline, which is the stress hormone. The issue with adrenaline in females is that it is transformed into cortisone, then cortisol, then estrogen.

I mean, if it’s not used up as adrenaline because we’re not fighting or fleeing danger, then it ends up converted by our bodies into estrogen. You see? If we are already naturally making a lot of estrogen, if we stress, and if we drink coffee, we’re making even more. Remember I said estrogen is a cause of female reproductive cancers. Even men can get breast cancer, too!

Next is our air. I read that women breathe in pollution and our bodies actually turn it into estrogen. YIKES! I handle this by using air filters from Aerus. These fantastic filters not only clean pollution out of the air, they actually activate that air to clean other pollution and bacteria off of surfaces. Can you imagine a machine that can activate your air to actively keep you healthy? That’s awesome!

We could go into skincare here and beauty products, but let’s just say that I created my own skin care line so that I could have skin care and body lotions that didn’t interfere with my hormones. You know, it’s every little thing building up that equals to one big problem. Skin care with ingredients like phthalates are a serious problem.

See this link on toxic skincare ingredients for more.

Breathing, eating, drinking and rubbing this garbage on our skin every day adds up. I know because this is part of the issue I have. and I’ve had to seriously look at my life and change things around in order to keep myself healthy.

Rosemary Swift, also known as RMS Beauty, makes raw makeup. Dr. Robert Young makes pretty-much a chemical free shampoo and conditioner as well. The hat trick of beauty, health, a raw makeup, skincare and a shampoo/conditioner. I sold my own skincare company but I’m hoping to start another one with even better formulas- I’ll keep you posted!

And finally, of course, there’s the type a person who just makes a lot of her own estrogen. I also fall into THIS category. The combination of a high-pressure job, constant travel, living in a city where there is no real relaxation, and owning my own business- all these things made for a very stressful life. And I thought I was handling it until my doctor said to me, “you’ve got to stop stressing.” I looked at him and I said, “I’m not stressed. I love what I do. How can it be stressful if you love what you do? ”

But it is. And I was. I suffer the consequences of it every day! So how do you stop hormones? This is a question for the ages, really, but I’m going to give you some things I did for myself to stop the overwhelming amount of hormones that were finding their way into my bloodstream.

I use:

  • Meditation
  • Filtering my own water
  • Cutting out chicken and coffee
  • Filtering air in areas like my home, office, and work
  • Changing my skin care to look NOT for “natural” on the label (which is an overused word on crappy products, read all labels)

    A lot of these things really helped me battle excess estrogen.

    One last thing. Recently I was just told that a prescription drug called Metformin can help with polycystic ovary syndrome, which seems to be a result of, again, too much estrogen. Even though I usually don’t like pharmaceuticals, sometimes there’s just the one that seems to touch all the bases that you need. Anyway, hormones can be insidious and we really need to keep an eye on it ourselves. Only WE can decide what’s important to us. Only WE can decide if we want to spend the money to protect ourselves and cut out the things that damage us. Only WE can decide.

    In case you’re not already convinced about hormones, here’s a little story.

    Chemotherapy is not the be-all end-all. In fact around 90% of people who use chemotherapy get cancer again in five years. My girlfriend, “Diana,” (not her real name) had breast cancer five years ago. She took chemotherapy and thought that would be the end of it. I kept trying to tell Diana that she needed to do other things to help the chemotherapy help her. I wasn’t convinced that she should have done chemotherapy at all. I thought she should’ve just done alternative, but people make their own decisions. But I still wanted her to do things to help the chemo help her.

    She didn’t. She felt she had chemo and now she was “cured,” that would be the end of it. It seemed she was right. She had clean tests for five years.

    Then it happened: she was one of the 90%. Not only did her breast cancer come back, it came back and metastasized to her other organs and her bones. The last I spoke to Diana, she still didn’t want to do any alternative to help herself. She wanted to do chemo again. Not that she wanted to do it, she felt it was her only alternative.

    Diana has not responded to a text or an email for the last five months.

    I’ve been living with a hormone related cancer for 30 years. 27 actually. It comes, it goes, and you do what you can to fight it. I would hang from a cliff by my fingernails if they told me that would “cure” my cancer. The only thing I had promised myself not to do is chemotherapy. But I do everything else. And I will continue to do whatever I can to fight this to the last breath. I will share all this with you so you can use some of these tools to help prevent this insidious disease.

    Wait for my blog #15 on Side Dishes –powerful ideas that I’m giving to you as mini-research projects

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