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The Case Against Coffee- Again!

By Carol Alt / Post / July 12, 2017

Whenever I see a new case study that says a formerly unhealthy product is completely healthy, I look to see who is funding the study. If the person financing the study has an interest in the outcome of the product looking good, I know immediately the study is biased. That’s my #1 criteria when reading a new study.

Who benefits from and who paid for the study? If they are one and the same then I know the study is a sham! I think that’s pretty easy to understand. Some products that have been thought to be good for you were then found to be unhealthy. A few years go by and then they good for you again- then they’re not good for you again. Why is this? The meat industry will tell you pork is not good, then the pork industry will tell you that red meat isn’t good. Essentially, the strongest lobbyist in Washington gets the billboards. Some other products that seem to oscillate between being good for you or bad for you (besides pork) are dairy products, wine, and coffee.

You can understand my skepticism then when yesterday on CBS News they ran a story on how coffee can prolong your life. Every doctor I’ve ever worked with has said that’s not true. Kicking your adrenals every day with an artificial stimulant is bad not only for your adrenal glands but all your glands as well. It is also hard on the balance of your hormones. Any woman going through menopause who was a heavy coffee drinker can attest to how difficult it is to have hormones not in balance.

Anyway, getting back to coffee…

First it was a European study that said coffee lowered the mortality risk from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, liver problems and strokes. This was the result if you drank more than 2 cups a day.


Europeans DO love their coffee. Then, they found in an American study, which split the coffee drinking group into ethnocentricities, that it also lowered the mortality rate from disease across all groups 12-18%. They found similar facts from both caffeinated and decaf. They are saying that the protective effects of coffee include polyphenols with your micro nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. I wonder what the San Diego Longevity Institute thinks about all this?

Anyway, the catch here is that they’re talking about the seed or bean from the plant, and not necessarily how it’s prepared. At least that’s what I got out of the discussion. There were also some limitations in the study. As it turns out, they were observational studies and they were also self-reported. That means that people had to be honest about what they were doing and how many cups they were drinking. What the results were and what their health was like when they started.

That’s not very scientific to me!

Then, there is the question of whether or not the people who did drink coffee were healthier to begin with and did they tend to drink more coffee anyway? Are there other dietary behavioral factors figured in there as well? Who knows.

Who knows what drugs the subjects take to lower cholesterol or help their heart; who knows if they do things to counteract the inflammatory result from coffee on the body. People don’t even know how to do that- it would have been done by accident so they wouldn’t even know to report it!

I personally still contend that coffee is acidic. And if we’re trying to be less acidic and more alkaline by drinking greens and adding more raw to our diet, then are we negating the greens we’re drinking or the alkaline water we’re drinking by drinking coffee? In a study- an unbiased study done by Dr. Sang Whang in his book Reverse Aging- he contends it takes 35 cups of alkaline water to neutralize one cup of coffee. If we’re drinking 3 cups of coffee a day to supposedly stay healthy and get more polyphenols and antioxidants, then that to me is all being negated by that acidic brew that is coffee. If we’re after anti-inflammatory solutions like antioxidants, does that really mean anything if our bodies are inflamed by that same coffee? Anyway, I personally like coffee as a drink. But I limit it to one every two weeks. In between I drink a lot of alkaline water. I guess everybody has to make their own decisions and live, unfortunately, with their own consequences!

By the way, I agree with Gayle King. She said she’s going to stick with her white hot chocolate and I personally will stick with my hot green tea.

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