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The Aliens Inside Us

By Carol Alt / Post / September 14, 2016

Last week I was on the phone with a friend of mine who was very sick for several years. He is in the health industry and was telling me how his health issues really helped him to hone in on some really specific products that could change the face of healthcare. In fact he was able to bring himself back to optimal health – more healthy than he was before he got sick – because of the research he had done. He started to talk about some kind of plaque he had on his bones and that it was making him ill. And then he talked about something that made me laugh until I started to think about it.

“Hey,” he said. “We’re searching for Aliens in outer space, but what if they are really inside of us, destroying us from the inside? If you think about bacteria and viruses, and what they do to us, and if you can imagine them as the alien to the body, then maybe the real space monsters are in the spaces inside of us.”

I know it, sounds crazy, but it changed my thinking about “biotics.” I’m talking microbes here. Probiotics, prebiotics, viruses, bacteria, etc. With all the research being done in cancer research, and the tagging of cancer as a virus (see that in my upcoming blogs on cancer), maybe we need to do a little more research into the role that biotics – bad and good – are playing in our health AND in our illnesses.

I realized early on that and acidic environment in my body could help give a multitude of issues the chance to proliferate and multiply.

One of those issues is candida yeast, also known as Candidia albicans. A yeast infection can lead to many symptoms in the body like depression, major depression (leading to suicide), bloating, moodiness, bleeding gums (and not just when you brush your teeth) and leaky gut syndrome; to name a few! A FEW! Yeast and some of the bad bacteria and viruses can tolerate environments that are acidic whereas beneficial probiotics and prebiotics have a very hard time in those same environments. That’s not a good thing. Because good microbes can keep the bad ones in check!

I know that Candida Yeast loves acid. So what about the rest of these viruses and bacteria? I’m sure it’s some crazy kind of cosmic joke that we are an acid system that gives birth to environments conducive to acid bacteria and viruses thriving and living in our naturally acid environment, yet we need to be able to raise the pH of this environment in order to allow helpful bacteria to have the same chance to live, thrive, multiply and do the job of keeping bad bacteria in check!

In other words, we need to balance ourselves out if we want to be healthy.

In order to do that, we need to drink alkaline beverages, eat alkaline food, stress less (because stress is acidic and relaxing is alkalizing) and to breathe clean air (clean air doesn’t stress the body). Yet we love acidic food, drink coffee and Coke and other beverages that are acidic, breathe polluted air, and strive to get ahead in business and live in polluted stressful cities! All of which stresses the body.

Talk about a cruel joke.

It also gives new meaning to the word discipline, right? In order to be healthier, we need a balanced environment in our bodies, that doesn’t give rise to these little aliens that kill us. We also need to be balanced in our bodies so that we don’t die of inflammatory diseases. For all you ladies out there, we especially need to be balanced in our bodies in order to age more slowly and more gracefully. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news – in fact I was looking for the good news and here it is. WE can control what we eat, WE can control what we drink, and, contrary to popular opinion, we CAN control what we breathe in our immediate environment; meaning our home, office and car. This is enough to help de-stress us and balance us out!

The other good news is that you don’t have to do it 100% of the time; 75-90% of the time, depending on your health, should be enough! Yes, that means you can cheat with your favorite foods and your favorite beverages every now and then.

Anyway, your body always tells you if your too acid or too alkaline. Just ask your friends! I say this because we’re never really honest with ourselves, but other people can see it. They should be able to tell you based on your personality. Studies indicate that an acid body stresses more and is more reactive to things (angry, short with people, frustrated). So when I find I’m reactive, I boost my alkaline foods & waters. And when I react very calmly to things, I know for sure I’m balanced. So, then I know that I can cheat just a little bit.

The body always gives you an indication of everything that’s happening to it. Even just “gut” feelings about your health can be the body talking to you. If you know how to read it and understand its language it’s one of the best health tools you own – and it’s free! Let me help you understand your body. Let me help you get control of your life and your health. That seems to be my new mission in life. I was spared my life – and I want to be helpful to YOU!

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