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Take This Little Water Test!

By Carol Alt / Post / March 15, 2017

We’ve written a lot about water in my blogs, and especially about how it can really turn around some health issues.

Using an Echo Water (alkaline water filter) can help alleviate headaches, aches and pains, and many other ailments. I told you how I read in Reverse Aging by Sang Whang how it takes 35 cups of alkaline water to neutralize one cup of coffee or one cup of Coca-Cola in the body. And if you understand about the acid/alkaline pH balance, you know that it’s important to take advantage of waters alkaline tendencies.

With your doctor’s okay, at least try and turn around your health issues with natural means before resorting to pills. It’s definitely been a “no-brainer” when I heard that drinking water was on the rise! It was just a question of why this took so long for mainstream news to connect to this. So this morning, the San Jose Mercury News reported that bottled water outsold sodas for the first time in history, finally! 2016 saw that the average person downed 39.3 bottles of water for every 36.5 bottles of soft drink- which is a big change from 2015 where people drank 36.5 bottles of water for every 39 bottles of soft drinks. So not only did bottled water go up, soft drink consumption actually dropped!

Now if only we could get rid of the bottles and just get filters for under the sink. Filters like Echo are cheaper in the long run, as they’re cheaper, less trouble, less pollution, and you can control your own water. That’s a big, big, BIG list of pluses!

Come on, the body is mostly made of water so you have to think that the pleading it would harm the body. If your peeing, you should be drinking– and if you’re drinking you might as well drink something that’s good for you, and taste good. OK, OK! I know I lectured you enough about water. I can’t overstate its importance. Just take a little water test- write down a list of things that ail you. Then drink alkaline water for two months. And then revisit that list. Then you tell me…

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