Carol Alt
07 January
By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / January 7, 2015
Last week was a re-run, but it never hurts to go over the information again! Segment 1# Tips on picking the best pair of jeans with Argy Koutsothanasis Fitness Magazine Fashion Director Argy Koutsothanasis told Carol that there’s no reason why someone can’t do a trend, but the trick is to find ...Read More
01 January
5 minute Exercises with Tony Greco...
By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / January 1, 2015
...Read More
08 December
A Healthy You Recap (12/6): Healthy Trav...
By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / December 8, 2014
Segment 1: Tips on how to stay healthy when traveling with Jayne McAllister It’s all about planning, Jayne told Carol, even doing something as simple as checking to make sure your hotel has a refrigerator in the room. They don’t want to tell you this, she said, because they’re trying to promot...Read More
22 November
A Health You Recap (11/22) Too much sitt...
By Jocelyn Steiber / Post / November 22, 2014
Segment 1: Can too much sitting shed years off your life with Dr. Florence Comite   Dr. Comite, an endocrinologist, explained that certain types of sitting postures can actually slow metabolism or cause back problems. “Ok, I admit it,” said Carol. “I love to sit. I sit on a ball at my desk an...Read More
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