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So Many Healthy Options – How Do You Choose?

By Carol Alt / Post / January 10, 2018

When I first wrote my book Eating in The Raw in 2005, food and the approach we take to food was entirely different. At that time when people asked me what I could eat, the first thing they could think me having lots of of were carrots. Don’t ask me why- carrots were the number one thing people thought I ate. It was a surprisingly common answer to an even more common question.

Four books and more than a few years since then, people are beginning to understand how important and how medicinal food is. I remember when I first brought up the diet conversation to my doctors, and how changing my diet to raw and natural foods was giving me such great results. They rolled their eyes and put their earplugs in. Now, even some conventional doctors are beginning to be swayed by the evidence.

When we say we are what we eat, it has a completely new meaning these days. Remember that series of blogs I wrote about my own health issues and how I’ve addressed them? It all started with a post on the medicinal power of food. Even since the blogs in 2016 when I hit this topic hard, the market has exploded with options. It’s hard to tell just what to choose, and it’s a big question! I can tell you from experience that nothing that was on a TV show ever gave me any results, especially if it was followed up by a marketing email.

Something that needs to be hawked and marketed isn’t getting the word of mouth a truly effective product does, not from my experience anyway. Frankly, I trust a product that gets famous due to its own merits before I trust anything I see on Madison Avenue.

It’s also vital to remember that no one pill is going to cure anything. Any pharmaceuticals are going to give you side effects. I prefer you go to the source of an issue and deal with that then to take a pill because you’re having symptoms. I found through personal experience that if you start with food, water, changing your air, and what products you put on your skin, you’re off to a damn good start!

I pretty much trust that when people start pushing a particular food because of antioxidants it is a hoax. Eating a thousand blueberries isn’t going to cure your cancer no matter the antioxidant content. It’s not going to reverse your aging either! Not from my experience, anyway.

Dr. Brantley always said you need a wide variety, that you need to eat the colors of the rainbow! What a beautiful way to put it. You need red and green and yellow and white, peppers and onions and lettuce and avocados… Well, almost all the colors, not necessarily brown! LOL! Brown is usually associated things that have been oxidized, especially if we are talking vegetables and fruits. Anyway, what we choose has a big, big, really BIG affect on our health. Please keep following my blogs.

I earn next to nothing from these amazing things I find to teach you about. I talk about them because they helped me, and not because I have any financial incentive. Intermittently we’re going to run some old blogs just to remind you of some of the amazing things that I’ve written about in the past that have now come to fruition.

Yeah – that’s right! Some of things I’ve written about the past which were alternative and crazy at the time are now widely accepted.

So why wait till it’s widely accepted?

Follow my blog while these things are new and can possibly help you.

Keep tuning in!

I have your health in my heart

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