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Smoothie ‘Stravaganza!

By admin / Post / August 22, 2016

As many of you know, one of my favorite breakfasts involves sweetness. Now I’m sure you’re not surprised, as I do love sweet things, but in this particular case a sweet breakfast can be a good thing! Let me take you into the lovely world of raw smoothies. Buckle up, it’s about to get tastier than you expected in here!

Smoothies have long been known to the world as a tasty treat whenever it’s hot out, but there’s a catch- they’re filled generally with processed fruit juices, ice creams, and sorbets. Unnecessary added sugar really ruins the good stuff that a healthy portion of fresh vegetables and fruits can make. Even commercial smoothie places that you’re used to are susceptible to adulterating smoothies with things that can negate their good effects!

Let’s start easy here. Bananas. Bananas are a fantastic base for just about any smoothie. They lend a creamy, natural sweetness to a mix without overpowering the whole thing with their own flavor. So toss a few bananas in the blender. Do you like berries? I certainly do! Half and half blackberries and raspberries to taste, maybe a few strawberries as well! Now for a good basic smoothie, you’re almost there. The next step can be a little more daunting.

“Carol, it’s juice. Juice can’t be daunting, don’t be dumb.”

See you SAY that, but in the case of fruit juices it’s easier to go wrong than you’d think. The massive majority of commercial fruit juices are created from concentrates, pasteurized, cooked, or otherwise full of things that aren’t necessarily juice. You can circumvent that, however, by juicing your own fruits and using that! Besides, anyone knows that a glass of fresh OJ from the tree is better than anything you’ve ever had from a bottle!

So go ahead, toss some fresh, raw juice in there as well, for a good liquid component. And now, dear readers, we’re going to make this exciting. This is where you can sneak in a portion of your daily vegetables, using all those lovely fruit sugars and complex flavor molecules to blend nicely with a few carrots, a handful of kale or spinach, anything! Get creative, let me know what YOUR favorite raw smoothie ingredients are!

Blend all of that jazz together and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a healthy, raw smoothie without any icky added sugars or processed ingredients! It’s just that easy, and that’s why I’ve chosen to not post a specific recipe. If you’ve got a blender, raw fruits and veggies, and an imagination, go crazy. Go wild. Of course always be safe in the kitchen and when handling appliances, but this is where your creativity can shine, and it’s a wonderful way to kick-start your day!

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Written by Jake Layton

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